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'Khloe is mine': Robert Kardashian 'speaks from beyond the grave' and declared her as biological daughter in legal documents

Kris Jenner appears on GMA and brands paternity claims ridiculous
Robert Kardashian's two former wives stand by story
They claims the lawyer told them Khloe was not his

By Daily Mail Reporter


Daddy's little girl: Robert Kardashian, pictured with Khloe as a child, referred to having four biological children in court documents filed in 1999

Legal documents show Robert Kardashian declared Khloe was his biological daughter.

The papers have come to light amid claims from two of his former wives - Jan Ashley and Ellen Pierson - that he told them Khloe was not his. Radar is reporting today that Pierson is standing firmly by her story - despite strenous denials from the Kardashian camp.

Robert submitted a documents to a judge in 1999 stating he had four biological children - Kourtney, Kim, Khloe and Rob with former wife Kris.

Speaking from beyond the grave: He referred to his four biological children - Kourtney, Kim, Khloe and Robert - in a declaration to a judge when getting his marriage to second wife Jan Ashley annulled

He filed the declaration when he was trying to get his marriage annulled to second wife Ashley saying he didn't want to have any children with her.

In the declaration, Robert says, 'I decided that since I already had four biological children, I did not wish to have any more.'

Yesterday, a furious Khloe refuted the claims made by Ashley and Pierson, branding them 'disgusting'.

Hitting out: Yesterday a furious Khloe hit out on Twitter after her father's two former wives made the claims over her paternity

Absolute rubbish: Today her mother Kris Jenner appeared on Good Morning America to refute the accusations

And today her mother Kris Jenner - who has admitted to having affairs during her marriage to Robert - appeared on Good Morning America to refute claims Khloe was fathered by another man.

She said: 'It just gets weirder and weirder: I have never heard such c**p in my life.

'I mean, I was there! I gave birth, I know who the dad was'
She went on: 'Everything’s good. We’re all good - don’t worry about it,' before adding that Khloe's lighter hair in comparison to her sisters has been a long-running 'family joke' regarding her paternity.

Standing by her story: Robert's third wife Ellen Pierson says Robert told her 'Khloe is not really a Kardashian'

Meanwhile, Pierson has stood by her claims and spoke to Star magazine again to reiterate her side of the story.

She insisted she had had many conversations with Robert - who she married two months before his death aged 59 in 2003 - and claims he told her he was not Khloe's biological father.

Jan - who married Robert following his divorce from Kris - told this week's Star magazine: 'Khloe is not his kid — he told me that after we got married.

In happier times: Ellen with the late Robert Kardashian

Happy family: Khloe seen next to Ellen with her brother Rob, her sister Kourtney and her father Robert

'He just kind of looked at me and said [it] like it was a matter of fact. He said, "Well, you know that Khloe's not really a Kardashian, don't you?"'

Yesterday Khloe took to Twitter to respond to the claims by Jan and Ellen, posting: 'The audacity you have to mention my father’s name like this! Should be ashamed of urself! I let a lot of things slide but this one is really low… YOU ARE DISGUSTING! (yes you know who YOU are).'

A spokesperson for Khloe told MailOnline yesterday: 'The story is NOT true. It’s ridiculous.'

Group shot: Ellen with Kim, Robert, Rob, Kourtney and Khloe

But while Khloe has slammed the allegation she has herself questioned if she was adopted on the family's reality TV show.

Viewers of Keeping Up With The Kardashians did see her question who her parents were in an episode in 2009.

The reality star wanted to prove she was not adopted and tested the maternity of her mother Kris Jenner.

While she proved she was Kris's daughter she did not compare her DNA with her siblings to prove conclusively that Robert is her biological father.

Fighting back: Khloe has responded to the claims today on Twitter

Claims: Two of Robert Kardashian's ex-wives have come forward claiming the lawyer told them Khloe Kardashian, left, was not his real daughter, like older sisters Kim and Kourtney

Ashley told Star magazine Khloe, who is married to Dallas Mavericks basketballer Lamar Odom, knew she had a different father to her sisters and younger brother Rob.

'Khloe brought it up all the time. She looked nothing like the rest. She was tall, had a different shape, light hair, curly hair. Didn't look anything like the other three children.'

She said Robert, who is of Armenian descent, had told her that he and Kris were not sleeping together at the time Khloe was conceived.

'[But] he never would have considered a DNA test. He loved her very much. Robert did question the fact that Khloe was his,' Ellen said.

Voicing concerns: In a 2009 episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians Khloe questions if she is adopted

Proof: Khloe made Kris take a DNA test to prove she was her child but she did not confirm paternity

'Any normal man would if they knew their wife had cheated on him.'
Khloe has responded to the claims today on Twitter.

Kris, 56, recently admitted in her new book that she cheated on Robert during their marriage.

Since Robert's death, Ellen had experienced financial difficulties, filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in 2010.

The home she and Robert shared in Indian Wells, California, was sold after going into foreclosure in October.

Kris remarried Olympian Bruce Jenner in 1991 and the couple had two daughters, Kendall and Kylie.

Bruce already had four children from two previous marriages: Burt, Casey, Brody, and Brandon.

Khloe is often talking about how she looks nothing like her sisters, and Kris has been quoted as saying people asked her whether she was 'the milkman's daughter' when she was born.

On Khloe's blog in June 2010, she shared a number of pictures of her and the attorney.

Different: Khloe has often pointed out that she looks nothing like her older sisters and their mother Kris, far right, said once people asked whether she was 'the milkman's child'

She wrote: 'Father’s Day is two days away, so in preparation I wanted to post this photo album (mostly old school pics) dedicated to my dad and to Bruce.

'I was seriously the luckiest girl in the world growing up because I had two amazing dads who not only loved us kids more than anything, but adored each other as well.

'My dad and Bruce were always really close — Kendall and Kylie even called my dad Uncle Robert which I loved.'

She continued: 'Father’s Day is always a bittersweet holiday for me because I of course miss my dad, but it also reminds me of how truly blessed I am to have had two incredible fathers.'

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Pictured: Inside the luxury VIP hospital suite where Beyonce gave birth to daughter Blue Ivy Carter

By Daily Mail Reporter

Million Dollar Baby: The newly constructed VIP suite at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York which is reportedly where Beyonce and Jay Z's baby Blue Ivy Carter was born on Saturday night

With four flat-screen TVs, a kitchenette and posh furniture it looks like the penthouse in a five-star hotel.

But it's actually the luxury New York hospital room where baby Blue Ivy Carter came into the world, showbiz news website is reporting.

Exclusive images of the suite which is reportedly where Beyoncé gave birth to her first child with rapper Jay Z have just emerged.

Bed: The bed where Beyonce gave birth to her baby daughter

Apparently the newly constructed VIP suite at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York wasn't built especially for the couple - contrary to previous reports that alleged the couple paid to have the area customised for their use.

The Single Ladies singer just happened to be the first to use the set of rooms intended for high profile guests, according to

The posh interior includes a living room area complete with a plush cream, three-piece suite, a coffee table and matching lamp.

It also features a kitchenette with a sink, a microwave and a shelf-full of coffee cups, meaning that the singer and her family could make themselves quick hot snacks.

There is also a single bed especially for the father-to-be or another family member to rest while waiting for the baby to arrive.

Like everything else connected with the birth of the hip-hop princess, this is yet more proof that the birth of Blue was a lavish affair.

Earlier this week she was spirited out of the hospital in a customised Mercedes van.

Your carriage awaits: Beyonce, Jay-Z and baby Blue Ivy Carter left the Lenox Hill Hospital in New York ot 1.30am on Tuesday in a huge Mercedes van

The trio were said to have been followed by a cavalcade of cars through the darkness.

Beyonce bought the van a couple of months ago, apparently in readiness for the birth, swapping her luxurious Maybach for the souped up motor.

In true superstar style the 30-year-old has pimped her ride to the max and spent a whopping $1 million kitting out the Mercedes vehicle.

It has an engine big enough to power a large lorry - but has the soft drive of a limousine.

The Baby Boy singer requested hand stitched Italian leather seats be installed in cream with chestnut lining.

To make sure she doesn't ever have to stop at a service station Beyoncé has a full bathroom with a shower, sink and toilet.

No doubt the couple were being transported to their luxurious Tribeca penthouse apartment in New York so they could settle into her new home.

Knowles has had a luxury nursery built which includes a $20,000 cot as its centrepiece. The Posh Tots Carriage Fantasy Crib is made of solid cedar and birch and comes complete with a rear luggage rack which doubles as a changing table.

Riding in style: The singer bought the motor a couple of months back in readiness for the birth

Super luxury: The inside of the van is kitted out with decadence

Their departure from hospital - following Saturday's birth - comes as it had emerged that the A-list couple allegedly infuriated other new parents by enforcing a lockdown at the hospital where they had their first child together.

They also had their own private security force working an area alongside hospital security already at Lenox Hill Hospital.

The extraordinary lengths for privacy led to other parents bitterly complaining that the intense measures had made other new parents miss out on precious moments with their own newborns.

Home from home: The happy trio are moving into their new penthouse mansion in New York, pictured here under construction earlier this year

Rock-a-bye-baby: A picture of the stunning $20,000 crib Jay-Z bought for his daughter

Arrival: A view of Lenox Hill Hospital on the Upper East Side of Manhattan where Blue was born


A victory for curvy ladies: Ann Summers' competition to find 'real woman' to front campaign is won by only plus-size finalist

-Lucy Moore, 20, received 22 per cent of the 30,000 votes to find the face of the Valentine's Day lingerie range

By Lauren Paxman

The new face of Ann Summers: Lucy Moore beat 4,000 other models to be chosen to front the lingerie chain's Valentine's Day campaign

When Ann Summers launched a 'find a face' campaign in November, the models they had apparently plucked from oblivion already looked a lot like professionals.

But in a victory for curvy women, the winner of the competition to find the face of the underwear chain's Valentine's Day campaign was the only plus-size finalist in the running.

Lucy Moore, a University of Westminster criminal justice student from Portsmouth secured an impressive 22 per cent of the public's 30,000 votes for Ann Summers' next star.

Miss Moore, who is a size 16, models Ann Summers' Elise (left) and Giselle lingerie

The 20-year-old was chosen from more than 4,000 entrants as one of the ten finalists to star in the chain's first ever TV advert which was screened during the final episode of ITV2’sThe Only Way is Essex.

She wowed the panel during the October judging day, which was only attended by a few plus-size models.

Miss Moore's stand out personality, body confidence and sexy, size 16 curves won over Ann Summers' CEO, Jacqueline Gold who chose to put her through to the finals.

The other nine women chosen were Sinead from Beaconsfield, Katie A from Essex, Mary from Clitheroe, Hayley from Dudley, Natalie from Huddersfield, Melanie from London, Kassidy from Hebburn, Katy K from London, and Abigail from Hartlepool.

'Real women': Ann Summers' first TV advertisement aired in November, it featured 10 women who are not professional models including Lucy, second from left at the back

Then, in a bid to win over the public, Miss Moore embarked on her own promotional tour building support for her campaign.

She featured in her local newspaper as well as spending time in her local Ann Summers store as real life mannequin, modelling key lingerie lines in the store window.

Drumming up further support Lucy even donned the company's Miss Claus outfit for the opening of the new concept store in Milton Keynes, and even to Twitter and Facebook to build support from her followers and favourite celebrity tweeters.

Miss Moore told MailOnline that although she has always wanted to be a model, she still could not believe that she had won.

She said: 'At school I was the biggest girl in my group of friends, so I avoided being teased by being fun and bubbly.

'Now all of my course mates at university have seen me in my underwear. It's a bit weird.'

Tattoo lover: One of the contestants, Mary from Clitheroe, is a businesswoman who has 'wife' inked on her knuckles

Woman in black and lady in red: Natalie from Huddersfield (left), Sinead from Beaconsfield (centre) and Melanie from London

Miss Moore added: 'This has been one of the most exciting things to happen to me and I couldn’t believe I made it into a national modelling competition and have now won; it is beyond anything I could have imagined.

'Hopefully it will be an inspiration to other curvy girls and give them confidence.

'I kept looking at the other girls and thinking how beautiful they were. I thought any one of them could win it.

'I want to represent women with a curvier figure and show them that you can be sexy no matter what your size or shape.'

From left: Katie A from Essex, Abigail from Hartlepool and Hayley from Dudley

Jacqueline Gold added: 'This has been such an exciting campaign for Ann Summers and I was amazed by the amount of entries we received.

'The campaign was about finding a real woman who embodied our brand and oozed sexiness and confidence.

'Lucy really stood out for us and we are really looking forward to showing off our new Valentines collection with Lucy taking centre stage in the campaign and store windows.'

Lucy’s first campaign for Ann Summers will be revealed in store windows across the UK on the 19th January 2012.

From left: Kassidy from Hebburn, Katy K from London and Lucy's original promotional shot


New Take Me Out scandal as second winner reveals she was a 'prostitute' following Aaron's escort revelations

-Wen-Jing Mo became a prostitute aged 18 and earned £3,000 a week
-Says she has 'no regrets' and it was 'simply a matter of survival'
-Fellow contestant Aaron Withers is a £50-an-hour escort

By Emily Allen

The winning contestant on last week's Take Me Out worked as a prostitute, it has been revealed.

Wen-Jing Mo won at date with Aaron Withers on the hit ITV show last Saturday and the pair were whisked off to Cyprus in the hope that romance would blossom.

However, now it has emerged that Wen, 28, became a £200-an-hour prostitute aged 18 to help make ends meet.

'A matter of survival': Take Me Out winner Wen-Jing Mowho has admitted to being a £200 per hour prostitute

It follows revelations earlier this week that Mr Withers, 32, is a £50-an-hour escort - and has a criminal conviction for punching a girl in a pub.

Embarrassed show producers have now decided to axe follow-up footage of the couple on holiday when the show airs again on Saturday night.

Wen told the newspaper she didn't tell producers about her past as she said she wanted to find love on the show. She had also hidden her dark secret from her friends and family.

Match: Aaron was seen on Saturday night's show picking 28-year-old Wen for a date. Seen here with Wen and host Paddy McGuinness

She joined a central London escort agency aged 18 and was turned down by her first client - a rich businessman - for not being thin enough, she said.

Wen, who grew up in care, said: 'Looking back now of course I regret doing it – but at the time it was a lifeline for me.

'I think a lot of other people in my position would do the same if it meant they could eat properly – I saw it as a matter of survival.'

Escort past: Take Me Out contestant Aaron Withers has been revealed as a £50-an-hour male escort

She said she had only been earning £120 a week as a trainee hairdresser in London and had huge bills to pay when the salon folded.

However, she claimed she managed to save £3,000 a week working as a high-class escort and said being able to pay her bills was 'like a massive weight lifted off my shoulders'.

The money meant she could afford to go to hairdressing college and take a job in property.

But the memories of her time as a prostitute are 'unpleasant', she said, and she tries to block them out.

Selling his wares: Aaron's escort profile page on the Platinum Select website

She recalled 'rude and obnoxious' clients and said it was 'very scary sometimes'.

The revelations are the latest scandal to hit the popular show hosted by Paddy McGuinness.

Yesterday, it was reported one contestant organised a 48-hour long sex party at a £4.5million mansion in south Wales to celebrate the new series.

However, it was reported that the 90 revellers caused thousands of pounds worth of damage.

ITV said it was 'relaxed' about the event.

Mr Withers is signed up to the Platinum Select escorts website.

On his profile page on the site, which advertises the services of more than 5,000 escorts, Withers states his charges as £50 for an hour, £500 for an overnight visit or £1,500 for the whole weekend.

His profile states that he is happy to entertain 'mature clients', adding: 'I have an awesome personality and will never struggle to hold conversation.'

Referring to his other job, tarmac worker Withers said: 'I was really skint and needed to earn cash.'

Sex party: Grade II listed Wyelands House in Chepstow, south Wales where the Take Me Out party took place

However, he insisted that he never offered any more than an escort service, unlike many of his competitors who provide 'X-rated extras'.

He added to the paper: 'I certainly didn't offer any more than that.'

Withers was convicted of hitting Amy Kerr and her boyfriend Simon Edwards with a pool cue during a brawl in a pub in Somerset last summer.

He was fined £200 and told to pay both victims £50 compensation each after pleading guilty to the attack.

A spokesperson for show producers TalkbackThames said Mr Withers's date with Wen would not feature on this weekend's show as he had failed to disclose his criminal record.

A spokesman told MailOnline: 'During the application process we ask contestants to declare any convictions and background checks are carried out on each individual, in line with industry practice. Aaron’s criminal record did not come to light.

'We will be reviewing procedures going forward.'


If it ain't broke! Julianne Hough dons yet ANOTHER backless dress for People's Choice Awards

By Sarah Bull

If it ain't broke: Julianne Hough last night donned another backless dress for the People's Choice Awards

She's got a figure which would make even the most toned woman jealous, thanks to her years of dancing training.

So it's little wonder Julianne Hough chose an outfit for last night's People's Choice Awards which would show off her toned physique as much as possible.

And while the 23-year-old actress stuck to her tried-and-tested formula of a backless outfit, Julianne pushed the boundaries even further in her silver outfit, which showed off her entire back with it's incredibly daring cut.

Julianne teamed the silver dress with a pair of strappy silver sandals and left her blonde hair loose and curled around her shoulders as she posed for photographers at the event.

As well as attending the ceremony, the pretty actress, the sister of fellow dancer Derek Hough, presented a prize alongside Glee star Cory Monteith.

The duo presented the award for Favourite Movie Star Under 25 to Kick Ass actress Chloe Moretz, who looked stunning in a grown-up green dress.

Flashing the flesh: The silver chainmail-style dress showcased Julianne's incredibly toned figure

Slender: Julianne teamed the long-sleeved dress with a pair of silver strappy sandals

While Julianne first shot to fame as one of the professional dancers on Dancing With The Stars, she has been furthering her acting career in recent years with roles in movies such as Footloose and the upcoming Rock Of Ages alongside Russell Brand and Tom Cruise.

Julianne plays Sherrie in the film, a small town girl hoping to make it as a singer by moving to New York.

However, things don't quite go to plan, and Sherrie ends up working as a stripper to make ends meet.

Award presenters: Julianne also took to the stage with Glee's Cory Monteith to present the award for the Favourite Movie Star Under 25

Winner: Kick Ass actress Chloe Moretz was named the winner of the prestigious prize

Talking about starring in the film, which is a big-screen remake of the hit stage musical, Julianne said in a recent interview: 'I’ve been really lucky. I know this does not happen every day, so I definitely don’t take it for granted. I did my first film with Cher, and then Footloose, and then I got to do a film with Tom Cruise, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Paul Giamatti. It’s pretty incredible.

'And, I almost didn’t do it because I was like, "I don’t know if I want to do another musical. I want to branch out." But then, I found out they were all doing it and I was like, "Okay, maybe I should do one more!" They all are seasoned actors, and they all changed a little bit to play these roles.'

As well as Rock Of Ages, Julianne is also working on a project with Juno writer Diablo Cody, and said she has big plans for the future.

She said: 'I’ve got a lot of momentum with the acting right now, and I’m focusing on that. I’m doing another film with Diablo Cody, coming up, so I’m going to focus on that. And, I have a couple other things in the works.'

Tried and tested: Julianne is no stranger to wearing backless dresses, having sported them at various events over the years


Showing off the perfect accessory? Miley Cyrus steps out on the arm of beau Liam Hemsworth as they lead couples parade at People's Choice Awards

By Mike Larkin

Glam couple: Miley Cyrus looked pleased as punch as she posed with her hunky actor boyfriend Liam Hemsworth

It seems like only yesterday Miley Cyrus was running around as Disney pop idol Hannah Montana.

But the 19-year-old looked all grown up as she dazzled on the red carpet as she showed off her favourite accessory, her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth at the People's Choice Awards tonight.

The singer looked sensational in a yellow dress that boasted a low plunging neckline and sparkly red shoes.

Her Australian beau, who is the brother of Thor actor Chris, looked effortlessly cool in a suit and opened necked shirt.

Miley could not take her eyes off the actor, who first shot to fame as paraplegic athlete Josh Taylor in teatime soap Neighbours.

But he looked miles away from his humble beginnings as he gave some of Hollywood's top leading men a run for their money

The look of love: No doubt Miley knows the ABCs of the lexicon of love thanks to her hunky boyfriend

Who needs Thor? No doubt Miley would not want to trade Liam even for his hunky movie star brother Chris

Miley and Liam were just two of a host of glamorous couples who were attending the prestigious awards ceremony.

Angel star David Boreanaz was there with his wife Jaime Bergman, proving that cheats sometimes do prosper after he worked to rebuild their marriage following the revelations he was unfaithful that emerged in 2010.

Sunkissed: Miley's cream dress highlighted her deep golden tan as she posed for photographers

Kiss bassist Gene Simmons brought some rock and roll credibility to the event by attending with wife Shannon Tweed, though he scored a fashion own goal by donning an hideous suede suit.

His son Nick Simmons also attended with a mystery female companion.

Cute couple: Angel star David Boreanaz was there with his wife Jaime Bergman

Kiss of death: No doubt rocker Gene Simmons will believe he brought some much needed rock and roll credibility to the event with wife Shannon Tweed

They're vamps: Ian Somerhalder and Kristen Bell looked wonderful while Nick Simmons also attended

Vampire Diaries star Ian Somerhalder got tongues wagging by attending with Kristen Bell, who looked stunning in a beautiful red dress.

Hunky Magic Castle president Neil Patrick Harris grinned as he arrived with his cook partner David Burtka, and was grinning even more later on when he won the best comedy actor gong.

Modern Family star Jesse Tyler Ferguson also attended with his latest squeze Justin Mikita, and wore a fetching green suit, black shirt and bow-tie.

Chat show favourite Ellen DeGeneres also looked like suave in a suit when she arrived with her domestic partner Portia de Rossi.

Here come the boys: Neil Patrick Harris attended with David Burtka while Jesse Tyler Ferguson showed off his partner Justin Mikita

Wedded bliss: Ellen DeGeneres still looks as happy as ever to be with her wife Portia de Rossi