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'I feel like a muppet': Lucien admits defeat as his crush on Amy comes to nothing after Kerry accuses her of leading him on


Feeling foolish: Lucien talks to Big Brother about his disappointment that nothing will happen between him and Amy

Yesterday he was warned against falling for the redheaded Essex girl by a couple of his fellow housemates.

And tonight, Lucien Laviscount laid his cards on the table and admitted he felt like a 'muppet' after Amy Childs revealed that she doesn't fancy him.

The young actor headed to the Diary Room and poured out his disappointment to Big Brother and said it had been confirmed what everyone had told him about her.

Looking forlorn and wrapped in a blanket, he said: 'It’s like your parents tell you you're going to Disneyland Florida and then you find out you’re going to Disneyland Paris…. it's not the same.

Heart-to-heart: Lucien tells Amy he is happy for them to just be friends

'I feel like a muppet… I got shot down.'

Earlier, he had been out in the garden with Amy and Kerry Katona but when he left to use the bathroom, he overheard Kerry tell Amy not to lead him on, to which Amy responded that she wasn't attracted to him.

As Big Brother throws the housemates a cocktail party, Kerry decides to try and encourage the romance but Lucien gets fed up of chasing Amy around and shuns her.

She runs over to him and playfully punches him and then rolls on top of him before he tells her to stop teasing him.

Give us a cuddle: Amy goes to give Lucien a hug...

... and ends up jumping on him and rolling off the sofa

The pair later have a heart to heart in the garden and Lucien admits that he got the wrong impression because he was 'under a spell' which he couldn't shake off.

He then tells the beauty therapist that he is more than happy to be just friends with her.

Meanwhile, the housemates woke up this morning divided after yesterday's pose off saw Take This win the battle of the bands.

To the victors the spoils: Take This are treated to a full English breakfast for winning the bands task

Take This - consisting of Paddy, John, Bobby and Darryn, were treated to a full English breakfast while the other band Kela - Edward, Kerry, Lucien and Amy - woke up having spent the night camping outside.

Darryn declares that the fry-up is 'gold dust' and tells Big Brother that the 'room service has been brilliant' as he and the other three tuck into their feast.

Are you hungry? John kindly offers his leftover breakfast to Kerry

John feels sorry for his twin and the others so takes leftovers out to the groupies in a plastic bag but is told off by Big Brother for spending time with them.

As his punishment, he must got to the Diary Room and sign hundreds of Take This posters, to which he shrugs and says: 'In one night I signed 2,000 autographs in Germany.'

Let the RSI begin: As punishment for mixing with the 'groupies', John is made to sign hundreds of Take This autographs

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