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Kristen Stewart flashes some Snow White flesh as she films soaking wet beach scenes for new adventure movie

By Eleanor Gower

It has been billed as a re-imagined and slightly twisted version of the fairytale classic.

And judging by today's on-set photographs of movie Snow White and the Huntsman, it certainly seems pretty far removed from Disney's fluffy cartoon take on the story.

Still smiling: Despite being wet Kristen Stewart was seen with a big smile as she filmed scenes from Snow White and the Huntsman

Leading lady Kristen Stewart spent the day soaking wet and showing a good few inches of flesh as she shot scenes for the film on a Welsh beach.

The actress looked to be taking part in some particularly dramatic scenes on the sands, and hoisted her soaking wet gown on as she walked along.

Wet and wild: Kirsten was being sprayed with water and wet costume stuck to her body showing off her curves

Flesh flash: Kristen Stewart shows off her shoulders as she filmed new movie Snow White and the Huntsman in Wales earlier today

After one scene, she was sitting alongside a stunning white horse, which was attended to by crew members.

In a contrast from yesterday in which she was seen sporting heavy armour, Stewart wore a long medieval style gown over long brown boots, with her hair loose around her shoulders.

Her hair also looked to be a darker shade than familiar to fans of the Twilight franchise.

Drama: The actress looks to be sitting alongside her white horse on the beach as part of a particularly dramatic scene on the beach

Life's a beach: The 21-year-old actress strolled along the beach in a soaking wet gown, at one point, holding up the dress as she strolled along some rocks

The white stuff: Stewart is shot filming a scene with the magnificent white horse

She seemed more than comfortable on horseback, although may have used a stunt double to canter across the beach for one bareback shot.

The actress was clearly having to maintain a wet and dishevelled look, with an assistant spraying her down with a water gun at one point.

Never with with children or animals: Kristen turned away as the horse relieved himself

Horse power: The actress sat astride her white horse as she waited for the scene to begin

Epic: The film promises to be an all-action telling of the classic fairytale

She also needed the crew's help to clamber over a rocky incline.

It wasn't all intense focus for the star though. She was later spotted breaking into a smile in a rest between scenes on a rocky section of the shore.

In another scene, she was spotted emerging from the sea in her gown - perhaps after a very refreshing dip, considering the cold Welsh waters.

New movie: Stewart stars alongside Chris Hemsworth and Ian McShane in the fantasy style film

Striking scene: Stewart, or possibly her stunt lookalike rides bareback across the sands for a stunning scene in the film

Stewart stars as Snow White alongside Australian actor Chris Hemsworth, who appears as male lead, The Huntsman.

In a twist on the children's fairy tale, the film follows the story of the Huntsman ordered to take Snow White into the woods to be killed.

However, he winds up becoming her protector and mentor in a quest to vanquish the Evil Queen.

Time for more water: Kristen achieves the wet look with the help pf a crew member

Staying soaked: At one point a member of the crew sprays a rather shocked Stewart to make her stay wet for the seaside scene

Rock climbing: Stewart gets some help walking over the rocks from several members of the crew

Clamber: The Twilight star looked intensely focused as she walked over the rocks in one scene, although she broke into a smile when the footage was finished

The movie stars Charlize Theron as the Evil Queen and Ian McShane, Eddie Izzard, Bob Hoskins, Toby Jones and Ray Winstone among the dwarves.

Stewart recently revealed that she was not initially attracted to the role of Snow White, but became interested after realising the new version was a very different take on the classic character.

And action! The star is filmed with her dress sleeveless around the shoulders on the rocky incline

The sea the sea! Stewart wore a long black coat over her gown as she strode through the cold Welsh waters

'She truly does not let her heart cloud her mind,' the Twilight actress told Entertainment Weekly earlier this summer. 'Also I get to have a sword and stuff, and really cool weapons.

'This girl has the amazing ability to channel fear, things that people are typically afraid to do, into this really focused, really charged, driving energy,' she added.

Drenched: Stewart emerges from the ocean soaked to the skin, with her wet hair bedraggled down her back

Morning light: Stewart shares a joke with a female crew member as the sun starts to come up over the beach

The film - the first in a planned trilogy - is slated to be released in cinemas next year.

Stewart also appears as MaryLou in the adaptation of Jack Kerouac film On the Road, and stars in penultimate Twilight instalment Breaking Dawn, which will be released in November.

All dried off: The actress was also spotted with her hair and gown dry, in what was surely a more comfortable look, along with walking down the beach in a large black wrapped

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