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Call her chameleon! Jennifer Aniston completely morphs into her man at Saturday Night Live party in New York

By Amelia Proud

His 'n' Hers: Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux in matching black leaving the SNL party in New York last night

She is well known for morphing into her men, but Jennifer Aniston has taken this odd desire for assimilation to a new level with Justin Theroux.

The actress is now only seen in black, from head-to-toe, and strappy shoes and glamorous dresses have been replaced by boots, flats and boyish blazers flapping over tights or leggings (in black).

Last night Aniston, 42 , was also rocking a more Bohemian hair-style - unreconstructed waves - as she bowed her head and walked several paces behind her man in New York.

You'd never know to look at them, that the mini-me girlfriend behind actor and producer Theroux, 40 , is actually the big achiever,

In fact, the couple are leaving a wrap party for Saturday Night Live, where they were in attendance to support Jen's friend Ben Stiller, 45.

Aniston was even offered a regular spot on the satirical show in 1994, she took Friends instead, of course, but she hosted the show in 1997.

'I wanna be like you!': Jennifer has changed her look to resemble biker boy Justin

Aniston is rumoured to host again in February, when her next film Wanderlust - which co-stars Justin - comes back.

Here's hoping that she's had an injection of originality by then.

One thing Aniston insists she won't have by the Spring, is a baby bump.

'There's no desperation,' she told Elle magazine of persistent pregnancy speculation.

'If it's meant to be, it's meant to be. I'm at peace with whatever the plan is.'

The only way is black: Justin Theroux rarely departs from an obsidian hue

Jennifer did however make it clear she wasn't keen to discuss what everybody wants to hear about; her relationship with Theroux.

'...will you hate me if I say I don't want to talk about my relationship?' she asked.

Speculation that Jennifer could be pregnant emerged recently, with some publications reporting that the actress has been looking curvier and starting to cover up her figure up with baggier clothes and scarves and jackets.



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