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Gaunt Demi Moore continues her disappearing act as she displays shockingly thin frame at film premiere

By Sarah Fitzmaurice

At the start of the month it was claimed her weight had plummeted to around seven stone after allegations emerged that her husband Ashton Kutcher had been unfaithful with a 22-year-old blonde.

And it appears Demi Moore has lost even more weight in recent weeks, with the actress cutting a shockingly skinny figure at the premiere of her new movie Margin Call.


Shockingly skinny: Demi Moore arrived at the Margin Call premiere in New York last night revealing her extremely thin frame

The 48-year-old star looked disturbingly thin at the New York event last night, which will no doubt raise further concerns about how she is coping.

Demi was dressed in a demure red dress which ended just below her knee, but while it looked like it should have hugged her figure it hung loosely, emphasising her tiny frame.

Disappearing act: Demi looks considerably thinner than she did at a premiere last year

Lady in red: The demure dress served to highlight Demi's shrinking frame

The modest V-neckline simply highlighted her prominent collarbones and the capped sleeves revealed that Demi has barely any body fat on her sinewy arms.

While Demi might have put on a brave face, smiling on the red carpet, and was still wearing her wedding ring, the effect of recent events was plain for anybody to see.

Earlier this month Grazia magazine said Demi's weight was 'hovering around the seven stone mark' which, given her five foot five height, would make her significantly underweight.

Putting on a brave face? Demi was still wearing her wedding ring and a smile despite her husband's alleged cheating

Co-stars: Paul Bettany, Demi Moore and Kevin Spacey pose on the red carpet for the thriller which documents the early stages of the financial crisis

Here come the boys: Kevin Spacey, Penn Badgley, Zachary Quinto, Simon Baker, Paul Bettany and Stanley Tucci

And since then it appears that Demi has shed even further pounds, ones she simply cannot afford to lose.

Demi joined her Margin Call co-stars on the red carpet and put her problems to one side as she chatted with Kevin Spacey and Paul Bettany.

Gossip Girl star Penn Badgley and Star Trek star Zachary Quinto, who revealed this week that he is gay, also star in the thriller that documents the events within an investment bank during the early stages of the financial crisis.

Male stars: Simon Baker, Kevin Spacey and Zachary Quinto, who recently revealed he is gay, at the screening in New York

Stars and stripes: Alice Callahan donned stripes while America Olivio opted for bright fuchsia pink for the screening

News of Kutcher's alleged affair with 22-year-old Sara Leal broke at the end of September and since then Demi's appearance has deteriorated.

He is accused of bedding the Texan beauty after a hot tub party at a hotel on the weekend of his sixth wedding anniversary to Demi.

Demi, who is said to have contacted a divorce lawyer in the wake of the scandal, was seen with Kutcher visiting a Kabbalah camping centre, but the couple have been apart in recent weeks.

While Kutcher has been working on Two And A Half Men in LA, Demi has been in New York promoting her latest projects.

Meanwhile, it has emerged a Jewish man named Marc Aisen filed a lawsuit earlier this year alleging Moore and Kutcher’s marriage wasn’t legal.

The couple tied the knot in Kabbalah ceremony at their Beverly Hills home in September 2005.

However, with continuing controversy from Jewish elders over the form of Kabbalah studied by Moore, Kutcher and Madonna, among other celebrities, Aisen has repeatedly alleged it is a ‘cult’.

According to, the lawsuit reads: ‘Mr. Kutcher made a media circus out of his Kabbalah wedding to actress and hardcore Kabbalah cult member, Demi Moore, who is a longtime friend of the defendant Ms. Ciccone. As the ‘First Couple’ of organized Kabbalah, the ‘wedding’ presided over by defendant and alleged fraudster, Yehuda Berg -- which I am pointing out again was not a private family affair, as all parties used it as a publicity stunt and invited media attention -- was not a legal union, nor is the marriage according to California law.

“Nor is the myth that there is such a thing as a traditional Kabbalah wedding as I can’t seem to find evidence in any book that such a ceremony was ever performed in history.’



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