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'I can't live Material Girl down - people think I'm superficial': Madonna and Lourdes act up in spoof video for model search

By Daisy Dumas

Are you taking this seriously? Madonna and Lourdes poke fun at themselves to celebrate the launch of their model search

She has a reputation for taking herself rather seriously.

So it is a breath of fresh air to see Madonna making jokes at her own expense - and with unusually self-deprecating aplomb.

In a video to launch the search for a new 'Macy's Material Girl,' Madonna and daughter Lourdes, aka Lola, discuss irony, fruit, corsets - and those hydrangeas.

The light-hearted mother-daughter banter is loosely pegged around Madonna's anxiety over finding just the right kind of girl for the job.

'I'm worried.. You know when I first started off and people started calling me the material Girl, it was meant to be ironic, right - not to be taken seriously,' says the 53-year-old.

'I'm not sure if people understand irony in this day in age.

'I can't live that name down now,' she goes on. 'People think I'm like, a superficial person, and I'm not. I love horses, I love flowers - well, I don't love hydrangeas.

'I love nature, trees, animals... I don't love all animals.'

Fruit - it's fruit! The couple enjoy some mother-daughter banter in the video to advertise their hunt for a new Material Girl

You're ageist! Madonna spars with Lourdes - and make fun of her now-infamous hatred of hydrangeas

A disinterested-looking Lourdes, with typical 15-year-old teenage attitude, feigns taking the job seriously - offering her mother a bite of fruit instead.

'Fruit hurts my stomach. My corset's too tight... I don't eat things I can't identify,' her neurotic-sounding mother replies.

Lola goes on to scoff at her mother's passé choice of language.

Madonna's retort? 'I think you're an ageist, okay? I think you're a looksist and an ageist.'

The cross-generational duo are looking for a woman with 'je ne s'ais quoi' to be the figurehead of their Macy's fashion line, which recently turned a year old.

'It's not about the hair - it's about an attitude,' explains Madonna to her daughter.

Kelly Osborne will lead the panel of judges for the nationwide search, which will take in the cities of New York, Miami, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Chicago.

The video makes a change to the now-infamous video of Madonna being presented with a bouquet of hydrangeas at Venice Film Festival.

'I absolutely loathe hydrangeas' she told her companion - a move that was caught on camera and soon went viral, prompting many to question the star's diva tendencies and lack of tact.



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