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Lindsay Lohan puts legal troubles behind her on shopping trip... as it's revealed she could be returning to jail

By J J Anisiobi

Retail therapy: Lindsay Lohan goes shopping in Beverly Hills yesterday afternoon

Lindsay Lohan could be facing a stretch of up to a year-and-a-half in prison if it is decided that she violated her probation.

But the Mean Girls star seemed to be putting her legal woes to one side as she got some retail therapy.

The 25-year-old and her little sister Ali went out to Beverly Hills yesterday afternoon for some sisterly bonding.

Lindsay, wearing denim shorts with a Chanel belt, black t-shirt and black waistcoat, hadn't lost her appetite and had lunch at the Cheesecake Factory.

The sisters then moved on to the Phillip Lim Boutique to do some more shopping and left the shop with a large shopping bag.

LiLo is set to attend court on Wednesday to see whether she faces a prison sentence after she allegedly skipped court-ordered therapy sessions, according to gossip website TMZ.

In and out: LiLo leaves the Phillip Lim Boutique with a full shopping bag

Tough talking Judge Stephanie Sautner recently criticised the troubled actress for not finding a therapist for mandatory weekly sessions.

The therapy sessions were part of the conditions set in her sentence for stealing a $2,500 necklace from a boutique in January.

Lindsay Lohan has told close friends that she believes the probation department is 'out to get her' amidst speculation that she hasn't been attending her court-ordered therapy sessions.

Relaxed: The troubled actress showed no signs of stress despite her upcoming court date

The 25-year-old is adamant that she has fulfilled her obligations despite recent trips to Milan and Paris taking her most of the past few weeks.

According to TMZ, the troubled starlet is claiming that she talked to her therapist over the phone.

She has reportedly told the friends that the trip was cleared with her probation officer so she could attend Fashion Week in both cities.

Lohan travelled to Europe to fulfill spokesmodel duties with German designer Philip Plein, 33 , and posed for a photo shoot.

The designer look: Lindsay rocked a Chanel belt with denim shorts

She also claims that her therapist agreed to the remote analysis and that she completed two 45 minute sessions on the phone.

Judge Sautner has made it clear that if she misses just one session her probation would be violated.

According to TMZ: 'Lindsay doesn't know why anyone would argue that she didn't complete her requirements, but she strongly believes the probation department is out to get her, and desperately wants to make an example out of her.

All smiles: Lindsay cracks a smile as she leaves the boutique

'We're told Lindsay 'can't wait' to go to court on Wednesday to tell her side of the story.'

Meanwhile her mother Dina said her daughter is getting back on track.

She said: 'Lindsay's great. She's wonderful I think all four children are all good
Lindsay's doing her community service and just working really hard and trying to work as well.

Defiant: Lindsay Lohan, here at an event on LA on Tuesday, insists she hasn't violated her probation

'Yeah she's really on it, really on it.

'She's doing everything they gave her, like a gazillion hours, and its from a 2007 DUI, so we're really trying to clear it.

'I just think actions will speak first and we'll see.'

Lindsay attended the the office of the American Red Cross in Los Angeles on Thursday to start a new community service plan after being kicked off the previous programme.

It will be interesting to find out the judges reaction when she arrives at court on October 19 for her latest progress report.

European jaunt: Lindsay with Philip Plein in Milan at the end of September

But if the Mean Girls star is worried about her latest legal drama she was not letting it show when she headed to the Venice Ale House on Venice Beach, California.

She looked decidedly relaxed as she enjoyed a lazy lunch with friends, including Denzel Washington's nephew Anthony.

Lohan was ordered to serve 360 hours at the Downtown Women's Center

In Los Angeles back in May, as part of her probation deal after she entered a 'no contest' plea relating to allegations that she stole a $2,500 necklace from a Venice jewellers.

TMZ reports that the judge in the case required her to be 'reliable, non disruptive and serve at least four hours at a time.'

But sources have informed the website that Lohan allegedly 'blew off' nine scheduled visits.

They also allege that when the actress did arrive, she would often leave after just one hour.

The same sources have reported that two weeks ago, the star was 'terminated' from the Women's Centre, because of the violations.



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