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Penny for your thoughts? Jessica Simpson is STILL staying mum... but just look at that tum

By Chris Johnson

Go figure: Jessica Simpson leaves her New York hotel today in a skin-tight top which revealed her rounded tummy amid feverish speculation that the singer is pregnant

To even the least observant eye, Jessica Simpson looks like a woman with child.

However, despite feverish speculation that she is indeed pregnant, the singer yet to set the record straight.

But her silence is apparently down to the round figure Jessica is asking for - a reputed $500,000.

According to reports, the 31-year-old reality star is holding out to secure a huge magazine to officially reveal her pregnancy.

The star was pictured once again in today, stepping out of her New York hotel with her swollen belly on show in a form-fitting black top.

She completed her look with knee-high leather boots, a leather jacket and animal print scarf.

Something to announce, Jessica? The reality star is reportedly holding out for a six-figure magazine deal to confirm the reports

Stylish: Simpson teamed her look with a leather jacket and leggings, along with an animal print scarf

Sources have told the New York Post Page Six that Jessica's manager father Joe is asking for half a million dollars for his daughter to confirm she is pregnant with her fiance, former NFL star Eric Johnson.

Of course, this is common practise in the celebrity circuit.

Nicole Richie sold the first photographs of her baby Harlow for a reported $1m while Christina Aguilera commaned double that for snaps of her baby Max on the cover of People magazine.

Meanwhile, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's daughter Shiloh earned her mummy and daddy in the region of $4m - although they did give the proceeds to charity.

Rumour mill: Jessica pictured yesterday, left in a poncho, on Sunday in Lycra, centre, and, right, back in August concealing her figure in a loose-fitting dress

In recent days the rumour mill has gone into overdrive regarding Simpson - although observers have noted a burgeoning bump as early as July.

Yesterday she stepped out in a giant poncho - which did little to hide her suspiciously large tummy.

And for her flight from Los Angeles to New York, the Dukes Of Hazard star squeezed into a form-fitting Lycra top.

Jessica's appearance is not the only thing which has been sparking rumours, it has been her actions too.

Around two weeks ago she was physically helped to the car by her mother Tina.

Jessica, was assisted by her mother as the pair left Los Angeles International Airport following a flight from New Orleans.

Tina held on to her daughter's arm and placed a protective hand on her back as she escorted her out of the building and into a waiting car.

The move was certainly not the behaviour you would expect from the mother of a perfectly healthy 31-year-old woman who is fully capable of walking on her own.

Jessica was set to wed former NFL player Eric Johnson this November, but the couple have postponed the wedding with sources claiming the delay is due to Jessica being pregnant.

The couple, who have been together for two years, got engaged in November 2010.



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