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Trick or treat? Heidi Klum stripped completely bare for Halloween

By Amelia Proud

Naked: Heidi Klum reveals her anatomy but it's painted on a body suit for her Halloween costume

Her Halloween parties have become almost as famous as her modelling career, so it's unsurprising that supermodel Heidi Klum likes to dress up for the occasion.

Every year, the 38-year-old excels herself with another show-stopping costume, from a sexy cat to a the Hindu god Kali to a Transformer, her ensemble floors the competition every time.

So it's obviously important for her to up the ante, which the German has since the cat in 2007, and so this year she's wearing not one but TWO costumes.

Of course for two costumes, you need two parties, so that's what Heidi is doing, alongside British husband Seal, 48 , one held in Las Vegas and the other in New York.

She's allowed Us magazine a sneak peek at her outfits, which are very much a work in progress, via snaps from her fitting sessions.

And they're very, very terrifying.

Well, the mother-of-three as a creepy monkey is, at least.

Her other outfit is more anatomical, and whilst visceral in the areas that are painted red to resemble flesh, it's clear this ensemble will become more terrifying before it's finally revealed.

Klum has repeatedly relished turning her natural beauty on it's head by making herself look silly, or even creepy.

Terrifying: Klum looks sinister dressed as a half monkey, half woman creature

Her 2008 costume of the Goddess Kali sparked outrage from Hindu leaders who demanded an apology.

'I loved my costume and I love Halloween,' Klum said at the time response to the controversy.

'I mean that is one of my most favorite times of the year. I've done so many different things. This was probably my tenth time and I've done so many people like Betty Boob and Lady Godiva and it’s always a take on someone. You’re not that person.'

As host and executive producer of the award winning reality television series ‘Project Runway’ Klum made headlines earlier in the year when she briefly returned to modeling when she decided to appear nude in promos for series nine of the show.

‘Project Runway’ has just spawned two spin-off shows, ‘Project Runway: All Stars’ and ‘Project Accessory’ though Klum will not be appearing in her traditional role in those series.

Kitty cat: 2007 was the last year that saw Heidi sex up her costume, husband Seal was a Frankenstein character

Controversial: Klum's decision to dress up as Hindu goddess Kali in 2008 wasn't received well by members of the religion

Something to crow about: Heidi and Seal were birds of a feather in 2009

Transform her: Last year Heidi and Seal upped the ante by becoming Transformers, complete with hydraulic crane shoes in Heidi's case



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