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Trying to rekindle the flame: Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore pictured in bid save their marriage at Kabbalah camping retreat

By Daily Mail Reporter

Retreat: Ashton Kutcher (right) and Demi Moore were spotted camping in Santa Barbara, California, over the weekend

He's alleged to have had burning desires for another woman after a seedy one-night stand.

But in an apparent act of contrition, Ashton Kutcher is seen here attempting to rekindle the flame with wife Demi Moore.

The couple are pictured together assembled around a camp fire during a Kabbalah retreat this weekend.

The Kabbalah devotee apologised for his behaviour to his wife on Yom Kippur, the holy day of atonement for Jews, according to RadarOnline.

He allegedly asked for the chance to make amends for cheating on Demi, 48, with blonde 23-year-old Sara Leal on the morning of their sixth anniversary in September.

The couple's Kabbalah instructor Yehuda Berg and Kutcher's friend Eric Buterbaugh accompanied them in the great outdoors.

The fireside chat in Santa Barbara, California, is the first time the duo have been seen together in three months, and since news broke of Ashton had a alcohol-fuelled hot tub party awash with women.

Demi and Ashton, 33, had wanted their meeting at Cachuma Lake on Sunday to remain a secret.

But a fellow camper captured a photograph of the pair sitting around a campfire with two other companions.

The actress was wearing and a burgundy and grey hooped sweater, as well as a Kabbalah red string bracelet on her left wrist.

The red string custom is meant to bring good fortune and protect against an 'evil eye'.

The pair are being counselled by members of the faith, which is a controversial offshoot of Judaism.

Working on their marriage: The pair are understood to be receiving counselling by Kabbalah members

Madonna is its most famous celebrity follower, though the likes of Roseanne Barr, Britney Spears, Rosie O'Donnell, Lindsay Lohan and Naomi Campbell have also been associated with it in the past.

The couple turned to the religion seven weeks ago and signed up to its counselling service in order to save their marriage.

The religion teaches its superstar believers difficulties and disagreements are without exception opportunities' for them to become 'that right person,' according to relationship advice posted on its website.

It adds: 'What seems to be a problem is actually a gift: a chance to remove an internal obstacle that stands between ourselves and the unlimited happiness that is our real destiny.'

Two days before their campfire heart-to-heart they attended a Kabbalah service in Los Angeles together.

Though they sat on opposite sides of the aisle, Kutcher greeted his wife with a hug after the service, and they reportedly walked out with their arms round each other.
They have also been spotted wearing their wedding rings.

But a top source close to the pair insisted the relationship is dead.
The insider said: 'The marriage is dead.

'Demi desperately wanted to save their marriage.

'But the San Diego cheating scandal is a hard one for her to stomach, as it is backed up by photos. It humiliated Demi.'



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