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Daddy's little girl! Brad Pitt is image of daughter Shiloh in his 8th grade photo

By Amelia Proud

Look familiar? Brad Pitt is the image of his five-year-old daughter in this photograph from 1978

With two of the most beautiful people in the world as her parents, little Shiloh Pitt was never likely to be lacking in the looks department.

It's already clear that she has been graced with the luscious pout of her mother Angelina Jolie, 36 , not to mention her smile.

But a picture has emerged from 47-year-old Brad Pitt's school days which confirms who the five-year-old really takes after.

And it also gives a hint of how pretty Shiloh will look as a teenager.

The 8th grade photo of the Moneyball star from his days at Cherokee Junior High School in Springfield, Missouri, shows a cherubic Pitt at age 13, modelling a haircut just like Shiloh's.

Shiloh, of course, famously wishes to dress like a boy, and opts for masculine attire over pretty dresses.

Similarly, her father has spent all his life trying to get away from the pretty boy roles his blonde haired, blue-eyed looks seemed to dictate for him.

The family: Shiloh walks next to her daddy as the clan amble through one of their favourite cities, New Orleans, in March

From Fight Club to Kalifornia to Inglorious Bastards, Pitt has relished playing anything but the leading man love interest.

Even 2005's Mr and Mrs Smith, where he met Jolie, had the twist of the married couple trying to kill themselves.

So it seems, especially in light of this photography, that Shiloh's quirky and independent ways may come from her father, as much as from her eccentric mother - as is usually assumed.

Shiloh has five siblings, 11-year-old Maddox, Pax, eight next week, Zahara, six, and three-year-old twins Knox and Vivienne.

Individual: Shiloh has a rockier style, while her sister Zahara is more of a traditional girl

Much has been made of apparent problems in their parents marriage but they continue to prove the doubters wrong and

Brad Pitt said in an interview with Parade magazine that the two were stronger than ever.

'One of the greatest, smartest things I ever did was give my kids Angie as their mum,' he said.

'She is such a great mum. Oh man, I'm so happy to have her.'



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