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'I bought him silk boxers to get into character!' Miranda Kerr reveals how she gets husband Orlando Bloom in the mood

By Daily Mail Reporter

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Biker chic: Miranda Kerr does her best Olivia Newton John impression in leather trousers during interview on The Chelsea Lately Show

With a Victoria's Secret model for a wife, you'd think Orlando Bloom would be permanently in the mood for love.

But Miranda Kerr has revealed she bought the Lord Of the Rings actor silk boxer shorts to 'get him into character'.

The slender mother-of-one made her confession while filming an episode of The Chelsea Lately Show in LA.

Ever the professional, she later emerged from the studios in an all-black ensemble, treating the sidewalk as her runway.

Strutting along in leather trousers, Kerr, 28, bore a resemblance to Katie Holmes as waves of brunette hair tumbled over her shoulders.

The Australian model added a splash of colour with burgundy lipstick, but otherwise opted for midnight shades with a black vest top and heels.

Before the interview, Handler gushed about Kerr's post-pregnancy body, with both girls complimenting each other on how fabulous they looked.

Where's Tom? Miranda bared a strong resemblance to Katie Holmes as she was pictured in LA

Miranda then confessed her husband has a soft spot for the comedienne.

She said: 'I was speaking to Orlando and he was like, "She's just so hot!" He loves you.'

Chelsea then reminisced about a former interview with the English actor, who appeared on her show a few weeks prior to his wife and confessed on air that he wears blue silk boxer shorts.

Kerr replied: 'Well he had to get into character so I bought him these silk boxer shorts and it kind of helped.'

Spicing up the bedroom: Miranda bought husband Orlando a pair of silk boxer shorts for the bedroom

When she was asked, 'Character for what?', the brunette beauty blushed, answering: 'For, you know, us. I don't want to tell you what he bought me.'

Speaking of her son Flynn, who was born in January, Miranda said: 'He's such a cutie.

'(During an outing) I was pulling the scarf over to cover him from the paparazzi, and he was pulling it down, like, "Hey guys! Here I am."'

The ladies also discussed Kerr's decision to have a natural birth.

Playful: During an outing in NYC earlier this month, Flynn rejected his mother's attempts at covering him from the paparazzi by pushing away the scarf

Miranda added: 'I was so determined to have a natural childbirth. Now I can much more easily handle a paper cut.'

She also joked that while she went without an epidural, Orlando wanted one for himself.

Kerr was promoting the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in which she wore a $2.5million bra, which airs tonight on CBS in America.

Catwalk beauty: Miranda wore a $2.5m bra at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in NYC, which will broadcast tonight in the US



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