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Is painfully thin Angelina Jolie surviving on just 600 calories a day?

By Deborah Arthurs

As she prepared to board a plane in Vietnam with her six children, Angelina's thin frame was further accentuated by her loose-fitting dress

As she prepared to board her private jet after a family trip to Vietnam last week, it seemed to onlookers as though Angelina Jolie was thinner than ever.

Wearing a loose-fitting red dress knotted around her waist that emphasised the bones on her spine and her ultra-skinny arms, Angelina's already very slender frame seemed painfully thin.

Her weight is said to hover around the 97lb mark - underweight for her 5ft 8in height.

Regardless of her emaciated frame though, sources say Angelina rarely eats a full meal and frequently forgets to eat.

According to Grazia magazine, Angelina survives on as little as 600 calories a day, which is the equivalent of two bowls of cereal with milk.

'Angelina has been known to start her day with little more than a spoonful of coconut oil and a handful of cereal,' a source told Grazia last week.

'The worrying thing is that she is so busy, she often forgets to eat.

Sometimes she'll skip lunch altogether or will just grab a few almonds and some gummy bears while she's on the go, or will have a protein-based shake rather than anything more substantial.

'Then dinner could be something like a lean steak and a glass of red wine.'

Sources say Angelina's stressful lifestyle causes her to lose her appetite

Angelina's fluctuating weight has been well documented, with her slender frame becoming painfully thin during difficult emotional times in her life.

The actress was forced to defend her waif-like frame in 2007, when her weight plummeted following the death of her mother Marcheline.

At the time, she said: 'I have always been lean, and this year I lost my mum and I've gone through a lot.

'Instead of people saying I look like a person dealing with something emotionally, they assume it's because I want to fit into skinny jeans.'

But while in 2007 the weight loss was put down to Angelina's mourning process, this time round reports suggest her battles with food have come as a result of her frenetic lifestyle, which requires constant work to balance work, children, travel and, of course, her relationship with Brad.

Angelina's fluctuating weight has been well documented

But while their union has been blighted by rumour of late - are they splitting, aren't they splitting? - Brad Pitt said in an interview with Parade magazine that the two were stronger than ever.

'One of the greatest, smartest things I ever did was give my kids Angie as their mum,' he said.

'She is such a great mum. Oh man, I'm so happy to have her.'

Despite this show of unity though - Angelina has flown with the couple's children across the world to be with Brad while he publicises his film - Angelina continues to lose weight.

Angelina and Brad have had to endure endless rumours about the state of their relationship - the stress of which could be contributing to her weight loss

The Grazia source said: What with her career, Brad and their six kids, Angelina has a lot on. Yes, stress plays a part. She is the type of person who drops weight when she's stressed out.

'She simply loses her appetite and can survive on almost nothing. But a lot of people are worried that she is taking things too far and that she won't have the strength to do all the things she wants to do if she doesn't gain some weight.

'Everyone has been begging her to eat more and she is trying not to get any skinnier, but unfortunately she just doesn't seem to be putting on any more weight.'



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