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Playboy cover model Lindsay Lohan enjoys her final days of freedom... but what's with the cardigan?

By Alanah Eriksen

Dressed up: Without the fake tan and the skimpy outfit, Lindsay Lohan looked more demure as she left her hotel in Hollywood

She stripped off for her controversial Playboy shoot yesterday after a judge allowed her to fulfill the $1million contract ahead of her upcoming jail stint.

But later, the troubled actress cut a more demure figure - for her at least - as she left The Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood.

With only five days to go before she is sent back to prison, the 25-year-old donned a baggy black cardigan over a beige skirt with just a hint of cleavage showing.

It is unlike her usual skimpy attire, including her sexy maid and nurse Halloween outfits over the weekend.

The platinum blonde star also appeared to have skipped on her usual fake tan which often leaves he with streaky arms and legs.

Her lips bright red lips looked fuller than usual, sparking speculation she had had collagen injections.

The actress reportedly stripped for Playboy yesterday.

But it said the shoot was the second for Lindsay after Hefner decided he wasn't happy with the first set of photos and hired a new photographer.

Sources told RadarOnline: 'Lindsay was told that the Playboy executives wanted to go another direction with her shoot so they asked her to come back for a second time.

'There is never a guarantee that everyone will like the photos or that they will be of high enough quality to use for the cover, but Playboy wanted to make sure that Lindsay’s pictures were exactly what they wanted.'

What happened? Lindsay reportedly shot another set of photos for Playboy after Hugh Hefner wasn't pleased with the first set

Lindsay appeared happy and smiled for the waiting cameras yesterday despite being sentenced to 30 days in jail on Wednesday for violating her probation.

She is on probation after she was charged with the theft of a necklace reported stolen from a jewelry store in January.

The actress was sentenced to 120 days in jail but served her sentence under house arrest, wearing a tracking ankle monitor, for 35 days in May and June.

On Wednesday, Lindsay waived her rights at her probation violation hearing at the Los Angeles Superior Court Airport Branch and admitted the violation.

Not long to go now: Lindsay on Wednesday during her probation violation hearing where she was sentenced to 30 days in jail

Judge Stephanie Sautner ordered the actress so surrender to the jail by Wednesday.

She was not immediately put behind bars because the judge decided to allow her time to complete her nude photo shoot for Playboy, according to TMZ.

The star's lawyer, Shawn Holley, is understood to have told the judge in chambers that her client had a $1million contract with Hugh Hefner's publication.

As well as serving the jail time the actress must continue her community service at the Los Angeles county morgue.

But TMZ reported that she may serve just minutes behind bars.

A source within the Sheriff's Department told the website that if someone receives a misdemeanor sentence of 90 days or less, they are routinely processed in and then released.



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