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Revealed: Bella Swan's stunning $35,000 Twilight wedding dress unveiled (and doesn't it look familiar)

By Donna Mcconnell and Holly Thomas

Bridal beauty: The design of Bella Swan's wedding dress as worn by Kristen Stewart in Breaking Dawn: Part 1 has been the subject of fevered speculation for months

The Duchess of Cambridge's wedding gown wasn't alone in causing widespread anticipation this year.

In fact, Bella Swan - the fictional star of the Twilight movie series ran her a close second as fans of the money-spinning franchise clamoured for information about the design of her dress.

Now newly released images from the box-office smash show Bella's Carolina Herrara dress in all its glory.

And it appears to have taken a little inspiration from a familiar quarter.

Look familiar? The buttons on Bella Swan's gown are very similar to those on the maid of honour gown worn by Pippa Middleton for the Royal Wedding in April

Bella (Kristen Stewart) is seen with husband Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) in the stunning custom fit gown which is made out of crepe satin and French Chantilly lace.

And from behind the Carolina Herrara designed dress is studded with buttons from the neckline to the hemline - 152 - in total, in a remarkably similar style to Pippa Middleton's now famous maid of honour dress.

The rear of the dress features a sheer panel with delicate scrolled embroidery and was designed by Carolina to be a 'romantic' surprise.

Stephenie Meyer and Breaking Dawn director Bill Condon selected the final design out of ten sketches that Carolina submitted.

The handmade creation- which was custom fit for Kristen Stewart, took Ms Herrera and four seamstresses six months to complete.

Extra treat: The back of Bella's dress was designed especially as a romantic surprise

Made out of crepe satin and French Chantilly lace, 152 buttons line the back of the dress, with 17 additional buttons on each sleeve.

The estimated value of Bella's wedding dress is $35,000, a similar amount to Pippa's gown, rumoured to have cost around £20,000.

Ms Herrera plans to include the design for Bella's dress in her 2012 collection, to be available at her CHNY boutiques next year.

The bridal dress company Alfred Angelo will be selling a replica of the dress in select stores, priced at $799.

In the penultimate film in the series Robert Pattinson's character Edward Cullen finally ties the knot with Bella, played by 21-year-old Kristen Stewart.

For months the wedding costume has been shrouded in secrecy, with Zac Posen swiftly denying rumours that he was the designer prior to the film's release.

The name of the designer was leaked on-line by the Santa Monica based film studio, Summit.

The message read: 'On November 18, see Bella’s Carolina Herrera-designed wedding dress in #BreakingDawnPart1!'

Fans immediately commented on the news which has been hotly anticipated for months.
LubaMatveeva said: 'I really can't wait for breaking dawn!I think that dress will be beautiful like Bella!'

In her 30-year career Herrera, 72, has dressed everyone from Oprah Winfrey to Blake Lively and her label was Jackie Onassis's favourite.

She was bridal designer of choice for Renee Zellweger and Christina Hendricks and outside the U.S. her brand is synonymous with its array of fragrances.

Cast and crew took ample measures to ensure that nothing was leaked during filming using swathes of tarpaulin and armed police, however stills of the couple consummating their marriage were posted on-line.

Author of the Twilight saga, Stephanie Meyer issued a statement requesting to stop posting photos and to wait for the films.

She wrote: 'Please, for those who are posting, stop. And please, though the temptation is high, don’t view or pass on these images. Wait for the film in its beautiful, finished entirety to thrill you.'

Fine detail: Made out of crepe satin and French Chantilly lace, 152 buttons line the back of Bella's dress, with 17 additional buttons on each sleeve

The Venezualan-born, New York-based designer was a socialite before making her name in fashion launching her label in 1981.

She now has boutiques around the world, as well as a bridal line and a lifestyle brand, CH Carolina Herrera and says that she is inspired by real-life encounters as opposed to trends.

Based on the four Twilight series novels by the U.S. author Stephenie Meyer the final book Breaking Dawn has been split into two films, the first of which was released this month, with the second due out on November 16, 2012.

Extreme measures: Cast and crew ensured that nothing was leaked during filming using swathes of tarpaulin and armed police



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