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Supporting her man: Selena Gomez cheers on Justin Bieber as he scoops MTV Voices award ignoring paternity claims

By Sarah Fitzmaurice

Cute couple: Selena Gomez and her boyfriend Justin Bieber put on a show of affection as they arrived at the MTV Voices dinner

She denied reports they had split up following the allegations he fathered a child with a fan.

And tonight Selena Gomez was there to support her boyfriend as he scooped an award for his charity work in Belfast.

The singer wasted no time is seeing his girlfriend ahead of a special MTV Voices dinner and was seen backstage with Selena.

The couple were joined by David Hasselhoff who posted a photo to his Twitter page and asked his fans if they wanted him to ask the pair any questions.

Selena, 19, who is set to host the awards show tomorrow night supported her boyfriend as he scooped an award for his charity work at a special dinner tonight.

Winner: The 17-year-old scooped an award for his charity work at the MTV Voices dinner at the MTV EMAs

On hand for support: Selena Gomez was seen arriving hand in hand with her boyfriend Justin Bieber at the Merchant Hotel in Belfast ahead of the MTV Voices dinner

The couple will no doubt enjoy catching up together after the media frenzy, sparked by Mariah Yeater's claims.

Along with the Northern Ireland Youth Forum, Justin was honoured with the MTV Voices Award for his charity work.

He tweeted: 'Just received my first EMA this the award for our charity work. I say OUR because we do it together....'

Hanging out: After Justin Bieber met up with his girlfriend in Belfast the couple spent some time backstage with David Hasselhoff

Reuniting: Justin Bieber is jetting to Belfast for the EMAs and will also meet up with his girlfriend Selena Gomez who yesterday denied the couple had split

'...I know what it is like to not have it feels great to be in a position to #giveback. thanks to everyone helping me. #MUCHLOVE'

While 20-year-old Yeater alleges she slept with Justin last October and that he is the father of her three-month-old son, Justin has denied the claims and focused on his work.

Denying the rumours: Justin appeared on the Today show yesterday and slammed Yeater's claims saying he hadn't even met the woman

Thanks for the support: Justin was pleased with the response he got from fans and was more than happy to smile for pictures and sign autographs

Speaking on the Today show yesterday he said: 'I'd just like to say basically that none of those allegations are true.'

He asked his fans to judge him on his music and it seems that Beliebers are sticking behind the superstar during this tough time.

As he left a TV studio yesterday plenty of screaming fans we on hand, eagerly awaiting to meet the star and get an autograph of a snap of the star.

Big claims: Mariah Yeater, seen here in a police booking photo, claims that Justin is the father of her baby but the singer denies the allegations

Justin's latest project has been teaming up with Mariah Carey for their duet All I Want For Christmas Is You (SuperFestive).

Mariah posted a number snaps from their recent music video shoot onto her website and it seems the duo are certainly feeling festive.

While the mother-of-two sits in a sleigh in a red dress with a fluffy white coat, Justin is seen singing to her in a fetching red leather jacket with a white collar.

While Justin is carrying on as normal it emerged that Yeater allegedly claimed her ex-boyfriend was also the father of her child last year, be like Justin he too claimed that he wasn't.

Yeater, 20, claims in court filings that the star father her son Tristyn during a 30-second sex session in a bathroom backstage after one of his shows.

And... action: Mariah Carey has posted a picture of herself and Justin Bieber on the set of their new music video to her website

Puppy love: The singer also posted a snap of herself with a puppy a the shoot for their new song

However Justin has spoken out to to insist that there is no truth in the fan's claims.

Speaking on the Today show yesterday he said: 'I know that I'm gonna be a target - but I'm never gonna be a victim.'

'I think that it's just crazy because every night I've gone right from the stage to my car.

'It's crazy that some people want to make up false allegations.

Supporting her man: Selena Gomez attended a press conference ahead of the MTV EMAs later tonight

'But to set the record straight - none of this is true.'

Asked if he knew Yeater, he insisted 'Never met the woman.'

And when asked that such claims are 'what comes along with life in the fast lane,' Bieber said: 'Exactly.'

Meanwhile it emerged yesterday that Yeater almost gave up the baby boy for adoption before instead going public with her Bieber bombshell.

She never told her family who the father of her unborn child was - and had planned to give him up for adoption.

Showing off: Mariah has also been charged with battery after getting into a fight with her ex-boyfriend

But now instead, she now wants to force Bieber to take a DNA test and pay up to $260,000 in monthly child support.

'She didn't know if she was going to keep him,' said Samra Fae Stepper, a relative who looked after Yeater for several months during her pregnancy.

'We kept asking about the father, but I didn't press it.'

Stepper's mom, Frances Wilson, said: 'I did ask her if she was going to keep the baby. She said she didn't know.

'I don't think she knew until almost when the baby was born.'

Honeymoon period? Justin and Selena only announced their relationship at the start of this year, seen here at the Vanity Fair Oscar viewing party

Wilson said Yeater had told her, 'I'm pretty sure I know who he is,' referring to the father. 'But she said she wasn't going to tell him.'

Yeater's stepfather, Anthony Simeonoff, only found out the news of the baby's supposed dad this Thursday, after friends at his local club read the headlines.

'I'm still in shock,' Simeonoff said, adding that he believes Yeater.

'I love my grandson. If it's real or not, I love my grandson.'

The New York Post also reported yesterday that Yeater was busted in Las Vegas less than two months after getting pregnant.

Records state that on December 21, 2010, Yeater committed battery by 'slapping' her ex-boyfriend in the face and later pleaded not guilty.

On June 16, Yeater's lawyer asked for a continuance, noting she lived out of state and was 'under doctor's orders not to travel due to high-risk pregnancy.'



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