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Bringing the '90s back! Mariah Carey recycles her perm and shows off her twins - and her babies - in her new Christmas video

By Georgina Littlejohn

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Going back to her roots- and lifting them up: Mariah Carey brings back her tight curl perm 18 years after she first sported

As a fresh-faced 24-year-old she topped the charts around the world with her anthemic song Hero sporting a tight curl perm.

Now, 18 years on, Mariah Carey has decided to turn back the clock and revisit her youth with a head full of ringlets, just like the do she sported all those years ago.

The singer released the video to her Christmas song this week and in it, she is seen decorating a Christmas tree and writhing round on a sofa with husband Nick Cannon while her tight curls flick all over the place.

The song, called When Christmas Comes, a duet with soul singer John Legend, premiered in the US last week and is what Mariah describes as a 'house party'.

Wearing a short tight red dress, Mariah joins Legend at his piano, before writhing around on that sofa again, flashing her impressive cleavage to the cameras.

Puppy love: Mariah reclines on a sofa singing, her curls falling around her, as husband Nick Cannon tempts her with a Jack Russell puppy

Careful! Mariah's ample cleavage is on display as she rolls around in her short tight red dress

The video is a family affair with Nick, 31, by her side and even her twins Morocco and Monroe get in on the action as they join their parents by the tree and in the kitchen.

The song was originally recorded for her 13th studio album Merry Christmas II You last year but was re-recorded as a duet with Legend for the Christmas charts this year.

Christmas babies: Mariah and Nick copy up to their eight-month-old twins Monroe and Morocco

Mummy lvoes you: Mariah snuggles in for a kiss with son Moroccan

Love you baby: Mariah and Nick share a smooch

Also in the video, Mariah is surrounded by friends and family as she and Legend sing away.

At one point, she ventures outside her home into the snow with some children and is joined by Snoopy, as clips from the cartoon series play.

Duet: Mariah joins John Legend at the piano as their friends dance and sing around them

I think you've got it! Mariah adds another bauble to her over-decorated tree

Excited: Mariah checks the presents under the tree as she waves to her family

Of course, Mariah's most famous Christmas song is her song All I Want For Christmas, which went to number one around the world in 1994.

It is still a huge hit 17 years on and is played everywhere during the Christmas holidays, which Mariah said 'amazed and humbled her.'

Talking to the Sun, Mariah, who has e-released the track in a collaboration with Justin Bieber, said: 'Who’d have thought, all those years ago when I wrote it, that it would still be having an impact today?'



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