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Now it's Mommy and Daddy time! Tom Cruise and birthday girl Katie Holmes step out for the evening without Suri (for a few hours, at least...)

By Amelia Proud

Alone at last: Tom Cruise and Katie enjoyed a quiet night in Manhattan together tonight, without their daughter - tomorrow is Katie's 33rd birthday

They've had their hands full with their five-year-old for the last few days, but tonight Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes enjoyed some precious adult-only time.

The past few days have been filled with one very public tantrum, several trips to the children's playground at Manhattan's Chelsea Pier, a visit to the circus and today, the Radio City Christmas Spectacular.

It's been like their own particular imagining of the Twelve Days of Christmas, tailored entirely to Suri, which is lovely, but it's nice to see the couple take their mom and dad hats off for a while.

Because Hollywood stars they may be, but Tom and Katie (especially the latter) are rarely seen without their progeny; in fact, they are often carrying her, or seemingly attempting to humour the little beauty.

It's fair to say that they cater to every whim; doting isn't the right word.

But for once, after making sure the apple of their eye was suitably entertained (and more importantly, exhausted) Tom, 49 , whisked his wife into the night on the eve of her 33rd birthday.

Mission Possible: Katie and Tom headed to their apartment to see how renovations on the property are coming along

Dance partners: Tom has accompanied Katie to a dance studio for the last few evenings

It was a low-key outing for Katie, who lavishes extravagant birthday gifts and parties on little Suri but obviously prefers to keep her anniversaries casual.

The couple, both wearing jeans and warm jackets, headed hand-in-hand to their Manhattan apartment to see how renovations are coming along.

They're staying at an Upper West hotel while their home undergoes this work, and returned back there soon afterwards for a quiet dinner.

Can we come too? Katie's mother Kathleen and father Martin joined the couple on their night out

Katie has also been attending a dance studio in the city, and supportive Tom has accompanied her every night.

But after eating, Katie changed her outfit then let down her hair, before the couple picked up their daughter for the next segment of their evening, and Tom was soon cradling her in his arms.

The big day is, of course, tomorrow, so there are more festivities planned, but Katie is more focused on preparing the perfect Christmas for her daughter, than having a huge birthday party.

Incomplete without her: Katie and Tom couldn't be without Suri for long

Family fun time: Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes took daughter Suri to see the Big Apple Circus' DREAM BIG! show at the Lincoln Center in New York on Friday night

According to In Touch Weekly magazine, the total of the gifts Suri wants for the festive season comes to a staggering $130,000

A source told the publication: 'Her number one wish is a pony.

'Even though she has everything she could ever want, Suri asked for diamond earrings and beautiful dresses, like a fairy princess gown.

Tis the season: Katie marveled at the holiday decorations as someone pointed them out while she shopped in New York

Entertainment: A man dressed as a clown arrived to Katie's home yesterday ahead of her 33rd birthday

'Tom and Katie love the holidays and always go overboard to make sure Suri has a magical time.

'They are buying absolutely everything she asked for.

'Suri is very mature and know what she wants.'

Doing his husbandly duty: Earlier in the day, Tom had been photographed picking Katie up from a dance studio



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