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Reality TV royalty: Kendall Jenner the prom queen puts her model figure on show in playful frocks

By Jade Watkins

She has recently come under fire yet again for posing provocatively in a 'sexy' photo shoot.

But for her latest modelling job Kendall Jenner is seen in a more age-appropriate setting.

The 16-year-old graces the cover of Teen Prom magazine.

Teen dream: Kendall Jenner shows off a hint of her slim pins in a lavender beaded gown for a new photo shoot for Teen Prom magazine

However with her statuesque height and mature features, she still looks older than her adolescent years.

In one of the shots, Kendall shows off a hint of her slim pins in a lavender beaded gown with a slit running up her slender thigh.

The fresh-faced teen also has her already towering 5'9 height boosted with a pair of cream platforms.

For the cover, Kendall is seen dressed in a demure turquoise strapless bejeweled dress.

More age-appropriate: For the cover, Kendall is seen dressed in a demure turquoise strapless dress

This time the image captures the exact innocence of a girl at her tender age.

The striking brunette has on minimal make-up and wears her hair in a natural soft wave.

In an interview for the magazine, Kendall says she draws style inspiration from her three famous sisters, who co-own three branches of their fashion boutique Dash around the U.S and have their own clothing line.

'My three older sisters [Kourtney, Kim and Khloé] inspire me the most,' she says. 'I pull [my style] from each of them.'

The teen, who is fast overshadowing Kim and Co. said that when she was first thrusted in front of the cameras to film the famous family's long-running reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians, she was nervous.

In cartoon world: Kendall recently came under fire for a shoot she did for Lovecat magazine

'I used to be really shy around the cameras when we started filming,' she tells the teen mag. 'But I think Kylie (her younger sister) and I are both used to it now. It’s normal for us.'

And she says it was no different when she embarked on her modelling career, which saw her walk down the runway for the first time earlier this year.

'I was really, really nervous and scared,' she recalls. 'I was like, "What if my walk isn’t right?"

'[My sisters] told me, "You’ll be fine, you’ll do great," and that made me feel so much better. They said, "Be you, have fun with it, be confident."

Inappropriate? The new feature billed itself as a 'sexy shoot' of the teen

'Once I got out there, I felt more comfortable. When the lights are up, you can’t really see the audience, which made it a little better. I had a lot of fun. I want to do it again.'

She says her sisters, who have come under constant scrutiny since rising to fame, have given her some sage advice on the subject of unflattering comments.

'[They tell me] not to listen to what other people say because people are mean,' she says. 'I just don’t look at the Internet and what people say because it can bring you down.'

Rise to fame: Kendall and her sister Kylie, left, are getting set to star in their own spin-off series

Kendall or rather, her management, just recently attracted criticism after the teen posed a little too provocatively in a very different photoshoot.

Her 'sexy' shoot, as it was marketed, for Lovecat magazine, saw Kendall posing in a tiny leather miniskirt.

In another shot the cheerleader throws her head back as she leans on a bathroom vanity in a short crochet dress.

The provocative images were subverted by whimsical cartoons that appeared in the magazine spread with her, of colourful woodland creatures.

Sisterly advice: Kendall says her sisters, who have come under constant scrutiny since rising to fame, have given her some sage advice on the subject of unflattering comments

Meanwhile Kendall and her younger sister Kylie, 14, are getting set to star in their own spin-off series.

As their older sister Kim's popularity suffers thanks to accusations that her marriage to Kris Humphries was simply a money-making scheme, the younger generation of Kardashians are being thrust further into the spotlight.

The head of the cable channel E! revealed she plans to add more Kardashians to the roster of TV shows featuring the family.

Bonnie Hammer said the network is looking at making shows featuring mum Kris Jenner's two daughters with husband Bruce.

The two youngest Kardashians feature in Keeping up with the Kardashians but have minor roles compared to the older sisters.

Money spinners: The Kardashian women, all seen here, bring in some serious bank
But, with Kris' careful coaching, they are emerging as young starlets on the scene.

Kendall's modelling career is going from strength to strength while Kylie is dating Australian pop star Cody Simpson.

Rob Kardashian, who was a runner up in the Dancing with the Stars reality show, is also being looked at for a possible show.

Hammer, 61, told The Hollywood Reporter magazine there could be 'two, three, even four Kardashian' spin-offs.

But the top TV executive, who was named as the second most powerful woman in Hollywood by the magazine, admitted the current crop of Kardashians was 'too fragile' for the network.

The family, run by matriarch Kris Jenner, have come under a blitz of negative publicity following Kim Kardashian's 72-day marriage.

Critics accused 31-year-old Kim, the most high profile of the sisters,of staging a sham marriage to cash in on a two hour TV special screened by E!.

The wedding was reported to have generated up to $18m in income for the Kardashians although mum Kris denied they had profited.

Hammer told the Hollywood Reporter the marriage was not a stunt.

But in a lengthy interview profiling her career Fuller also admitted that E! would not be so reliant on Kim Kardashian and the staged antics of her sisters.

She said of the show: 'I think it will have its own life expectancy and we'll go along with it and help hone what's right for E! and what's not right for E! as we develop a whole other world.'

Speaking of the short lived marriage she said: 'This was not a stunt. In no way did people believe this was going to happen.

'I think true Kardashian fans know that a bigger than life mistake can be made easily in their world. Everything they do is bigger than life. It's just part of their DNA.'



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