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Santa's little elf! Jennifer Garner daughter Seraphina gets into the Christmas spirit with a festive cardigan

By Laura Schreffler

Posing pretty: Jennifer Garner and daughter Seraphina stepped out for breakfast in Santa Monica, CA today

She typically looks reserved as she ferries her daughters from dance class to karate, but the holidays seem to be having a happy effect on Jennifer Garner.

The pregnant actress couldn't hide her giant smile as she and daughter Seraphina stepped out for breakfast in Santa Monica, California today.

Garner, 38, was clad in her typical pregnancy uniform of a long-sleeved T-shirt, blue jeans, motorcycle boots and a cardigan.

Although she wasn't festively dressed, she made sure her two-year-old was wearing Christmas-friendly attire.

The fair-haired little girl wore a darling red sweater with prints of reindeer, Santa Claus hats and snowflakes.

The Arthur star doted on her little girl, pausing to make she had a healthy sip of the drink they shared.

Mellow mother: The 38-year-old actress looks low-key while her daughter looks rambunctious

Ready to pop: The Arthur star looks like she's about to give birth

The two held hands as they strolled through the beautiful California city.

Garner is due to give birth early next year, and not only she and Seraphina are excited: her five-year-old daughter, Violet, and husband Ben Affleck are ecstatic to add another member to the family.

She and The Town star Affleck, also 38, stepped out today in Brentwood, California to attend a parent-teacher conference for their eldest daughter.

Doting mother: Garner gives her youngest a sip of the drink they shared

Like mother like daughter: The duo had a wonderful day together in Santa Monica

The two were all smiles as they left the schoolhouse, which isn't a surprising given how happy they've both looked recently.

Jennifer was still wearing the same outfit she had put on earlier in the day for quality time with her youngest.

Ben, however, looked dapper in a sweater, button-down shirt and blazer as he accompanied his wife out of the school.

Ready to frolic: The two-year-old ran down the street with a grin on her face

The actress must have also been excited to launch her latest project today.

She helped social games maker Zynga release an animated Farmville short that will promote her charity organisation, Save The Children.

The short will help raise money through sale of virtual goods within the game, such as a holiday pony, teddy bear or peppermint lollipop.

The second part of the short will come out sometime before Christmas day.

Coordinating couple: The married twosome stepped out wearing shades of grey, blue and black

Having a laugh: Jen and husband Ben Affleck shared a private joke outside of Violet's schoolhouse



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