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She drives me Wilde! Jason Bateman gets to grips with co-star Olivia on set of The Longest Week

By Mike Larkin

He is a happily married family man awaiting the birth of his second daughter in real life.

But Jason Bateman was able to put that to one side as he enjoyed a passionate kissing session with Olivia Wilde on the set of The Longest Week.

The comedy favourite certainly seemed to be enjoying himself as he filmed scenes with the glamorous single starlet in New York today.

The Longest Week must be flying in: Lucky Jason Bateman got to kiss starlet Oliva Wilde as they filmed scenes in New York today for the romantic comedy

The pair got intimate as they enjoyed a romantic stroll in Central Park, albeit they were surrounded by the a film crew and cameras.

As they continued to record their romantic sequence of scenes, they also stopped at a book stand to browse at its wares, with Jason giving his co-star a touching embrace from behind.

No doubt self-styled intellectual Olivia will have loved filming this particular scene, as she is a massive fan of books.

Indeed, she even changed her second name from her family moniker Cockburn to pay tribute to flamboyant Irish author and playwright Oscar Wilde.

Lip lickin' good: It did not look like the pair were getting tired of filming their kissing scene in Central Park

Any Oscar Wilde? No doubt the self-style intellectual would have been browsing for the author's classic books

The Importance of Being Ernest: Perhaps the giggling pair were trading lines from the trivial play for serious people

Jason, 42, donned a black jacket, shirt, tie, suit trousers and a fetching pair of brown loafers as he filmed scenes with his young co-star.

Meanwhile Olivia, 27, was outfitted in a heavy woollen poncho, short brown skirt and black boots.

Despite their walk in the park and visit to the book stall, the hard-working pair's arduous day of filming was not over yet.

After a quick smoke break, the pair also had to lounge around at Central Park's spectacular Naumburg Bandshell.

Smoke break: The Tron Legacy star could not resist having a quick puff as they waited around between takes

Banding together: Olivia lay her head on Jason's shoulder as they enjoyed the splendour of the Naumburg Bandshell

A novel idea: Perhaps Jason was reading literature out loud for Olivia as they enjoyed the crisp autumn weather

At one point Olivia, who first shot to fame as bisexual Alex Kelly on the The O.C, was so tired she lay her head in Jason's lap and appeared to go for a snooze.

No doubt romantic comedy fans are eagerly awaiting the release of The Longest Week, which comes out next year.

It follows the antics of Conrad Valmont, an aimless young man who lives a life of leisure in his parents' prestigious Manhattan hotel.

His life is changed forever however in the span of one week, in which he finds himself evicted, disinherited and end up falling in love.

Generation gap: No doubt Jason enjoyed filming scenes with his much younger co-star

Lapping it up: Olivia seemed to take the chance to enjoy a snooze rather than listen to the Couples Retreat star's anecdotes



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