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Sports day: Jennifer Garner takes her tiny dancers to ballet class while Denise Richards plays soccer mom with her girls

By Amelia Proud

Different passions: Jennifer Garner's daughters adore their dance classes while Denise Richard's tomboys are football crazy

The question of nature versus nurture has always been a thorny one, and years of expert debate has failed to explain conclusively if it's our genes or environment that shapes us the most.

However, all that extrapolation can be tedious, so look at these two celebrity mothers with their daughters in Los Angeles yesterday, who seem to support the nurture argument.

Jennifer Garner, 38 , and Denise Richards, 40, both appear to have led their little ones in different directions, when it comes to their hobbies, at least.

Garner, who is expecting her first son with husband Ben Affleck, also 39, in a couple of weeks, is frequently seen taking her little girls to and from their ballet classes.

It's a traditional pastime for a young lady, and one that her eldest daughter Violet, five, seems to have embraced whole-heartedly, right down to the fabulous costumes.

Pretty in pink: Many modern mothers avoid this colour for girls like the plague, but Garner embraces the feminine hue

Soccer Saturday: Richards with her tomboy progeny, who were dressed in edgy fluorescent green

Little Seraphina, two, also seems to be getting in on the act, and could be seen twirling around her elder sibling as they left yesterday's class.

Meanwhile, a few miles away, Charlie Sheen's ex-wife was huddled up with her daughters discussing football tactics as they indulged in their favourite pastime.

Sugar: Little Seraphina and Violet looked adorable in their ballet attire

Spice: But Lola and Sam were equally delightful in their snappy sports gear

Sam, seven, and six-year-old Lola were clad in appropriately tomboy-ish strips for their game, at which their mother is an avid cheerleader.

The difference in the children's ages may go some way to explaining the contrasting vignettes.

Matching: Garner donned pink ballet slippers herself, but just to watch as she is heavily pregnant

Support: Denise heads home with her children and father Irv Richards, who was also on hand to cheer

But it's safe to say that with baby names like Violet and Seraphina under her belt, Garner is quite conventionally feminine when it comes to her tastes.

Richards, on the other hand, opted for a non-gender specific shortening of Samantha for her eldest girl, and Lola is feminine but not flowery.

Both are raising delightful ladies, whatever their tactics or routine.

Sunny Sunday playdate: Today Jennifer was seen out and about again with her two daughters making the most of the weekend

My little monkey: The pregnant actress was seen helping her youngest daughter across the monkey bars

Multi-tasking mother: Jennifer was seen texting on her phone as the family left the park



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