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Touchy subject? X Factor USA judge Paula Abdul storms off Jimmy Kimmel after being grilled over her role in Rachel Crow's elimination

By Sarah Fitzmaurice


What are you saying? Paula Abdul became annoyed after being questioned by Jimmy Kimmel and stormed off when he told her that her acts had no talent

She was seen telling Nicole Scherzinger to send the decision to deadlock last week, a move which lost Rachel Crow her place in the competition.

And while there was an initial backlash against the former Pussycat Doll it appears that Paula Abdul is now feeling the pressure and the consequences of giving her fellow judge advice.

Tonight Paula Abdul stormed off stage during a taping of Jimmy Kimmel, after being questioned over her own acts and about last week's results show.

Jimmy had asked Paula about her role in telling Nicole to take the competition to deadlock, which left her unable to answer before Nicole swooped in to say she owned the decision.

But while that was bad enough Paula's breaking point came as Jimmy told Paula her acts did not deserve to win or be in the competition.

Paula, who clearly took offense to the comment stood up and walked off stage.

She's off: After Jimmy Kimmel told her that her acts did not have talent Paula was seen standing up and storming off

Taking offense: Paula didn't head backstage but was seen waiting in the wings only to be coaxed back by Simon

Jimmy joked: 'Paula Abdul has eliminated herself from the competition.'

Instead of storming backstage Paula stood in the wings and was coaxed back to the couch by Simon.

'An onlooker who saw the taping told MailOnline: 'Jimmy was so angry after last week's X Factor and Rachel's elimination he wouldn't let it go.'

'He was talking about how Paula had told Nicole to let it go to deadlock, had a go at LA Reid then he said a few things to Paula about her groups and next thing she just walked off stage.'

What's going on there? After storming off Paula returned to the stage and perched on Simon's lap which leg Jimmy to ask if anything sexual had ever happened between them

They added: 'There was something in the air as the atmosphere was so feisty.'

The 49-year-old judge had joined her fellow X Factor USA judges on the Jimmey Kimmel show and it was only through the coaxing of Simon Cowell that Paula returned to the stage after losing her cool.

During the screening Kimmel,44, was also quick to question the close relationship between Cowell and Paula, who have been seen flirting on stage throughout the competition.

After her tantrum Paula perched herself on Simon's lap and Jimmy asked if anything had gone on sexually between them.

While Paula asserted that foreplay for the music mogul was 'looking at his own baby picture' she said she could only imagine because it hadn't happened.

Simon conceded he had thought about it but quipped: 'But then I'd have to talk to her afterwards.'

Calm before the storm: Paula seen with fellow judges Simon, Nicole and LA Reid playing a game of pool backstage at Kimmel's show before storming off during the interview taping

After appearing on the show Cowell tweeted: 'Just taped @jimmykimmel - Ouch! He's turned into me. Very uncomfortable, but brilliant!'

Last week viewers saw Nicole faced with the tough decision of sending Marcus Canty home or putting the fate of the X Factor contestants to the public vote.

While the former Pussycat Doll was left in floods of tears herself over her decision it was actually Paula who advised her to send Rachel Crow home and send the competition to deadlock last week.

Fiery encounter: Cowell arrives for the taping at the Jimmy Kimmel studios in New York

Paula to blame? As Nicole Scherzinger couldn't make a decision last week over who to end home on the X Factor she listened to Paula Absul who told her to send it to deadlock

As host Steve Hones hurried her to make a decision a distraught Nicole was seen turning to LA Reid and Paula Abdul in a look on confusion.

She said: ‘I can’t make this decision I’ve been up there and I know how that feels.'

But as Nicole turned to Paula, who told her ‘Just let it go to deadlock.’

Devastated: Rachel Crow was distraught to learn she would be going home and was in floods of tears

What have I done? Nicole was also in tears after she chose Rachel to go home meaning it went to deadlock and as Rachel had the lowest votes she was sent home

The 49-year-old judge had herself chose to support Simon Cowell’s act just moments earlier and had opted to send Marcus home over Rachel.

With Simon and LA Reid both choosing to save their own acts Nicole was the deciding vote, and in order to go to the public vote Nicole reluctantly selected Marcus Canty to be sent home.

But in a shock twist it emerged that 13-year-old Rachel had failed to gain more votes than Marcus and the young hopeful was sent home.

Keeping quiet: While Simon comforted Rachel Steve asked Nicole if she had anything to say but she turned away in tears

As she learned the news Rachel dropped to the floor sobbing and wailing and neither Simon Cowell nor her mother were able to console her.

Despite the drama of last week Rachel has been enjoying life out of the competition and soaking up her new found fame.

Who is comforting who? Rachel and Nicole were seen chatting backstage with both in tears

Little star in the making: Rachel has gotten over her exit out of the competition and is enjoying her new found fame seen last night at the CNN event

Last night the youngest took to the red carpet at the CNN Heroes awards in LA and her huge smile was back on her face.

The singing sensation is said to be meeting with Disney executives soon to discuss future plans with the company, meaning she could follow in the footsteps of their alumni the Jonas Brothers, Demi Lovato and Hilary Duff.



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