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The video Kris Jenner wouldn't want you to see! Embarrassing Eighties video emerges of a singing Mrs Kardashian (with a guest appearance by OJ Simpson

By Rachel Marlowe

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Birthday girl: A youthful 30-year-old Kris Jenner sings a tribute to friendship in this home video

If it wasn't already abundantly clear that Kris Jenner was the epitome of a pushy stage mother, one look at her home-made 30th birthday video will leave no doubt about it.

The Kardashian matriarch proves she is the driving force behind Kourtney, Kim and Khloe's love of the limelight, as she sings from behind the wheel of her convertible while cruising through Los Angeles.

For her 30th birthday in 1985, Kris decided that she needed to show all of her friends just how much she loved them, and made a music video, aptly titled: I Love My Friends, set to the tune of of Randy Newman's I Love LA.

The video, produced by her late ex-husband Robert Kardashian, opens with a collage of classic LA images, then cuts to Kris walking on her treadmill apparently wearing only a polo shirt and knickers and her hair in bunches..

'November 5th and now I'm 30, rolling down the freeway with my friends at my side,' she sings. 'I love my friends, my life wouldn't be complete, they are my joy and pride'

The video then depicts the now 56-year-old mother of six, wearing a glam, red eighties power suit and driving a convertible through Beverly Hills.

I've learned a lot from all my good friends about turning 30,' she continues, 'We're gonna party 'till we just can't party no more'

Exercising her vocal chords: Kris's musical career never took off, unsurprising once you hear her sing

Kitchen crooner: Kris sings of her love for her friends wearing an apron in her kitchen

Kris then goes on to catalogue all the things her and her clearly privileged set of friends enjoy, crooning: 'We're big on car pools and Judith Lieber, bible studies and the Cheesecake factory'

'....Joyce's parties, lots of tennis, baby showers, birthday parties, Valentino and church on Sundays.'

The video is interspersed with snapshots of Kris with her friends including Michael Jackson and Nicole and O.J. Simpson.

I love my friends: Kris has spoken many times about her disappointment with the O.J. 'not guilty' verdict as she was close friends with Nicole

Happier times: Kris and Robert Kardashian with Nicole and O.J. Simpson before the tragic murder of Nicole

Disgraced: Kris Jenner was friends with The Simpson at the height of O.J.'s fame before his fall from grace

The Kardashian family was also very close to O.J. Simpson and Nicole Brown Simpson.

The Simpson trial caused conflict between Kris and Robert as Kardashian, Kim, Khloe, Kourtney and Rob's father was on O.J.'s defense team, while Nicole had been Jenner's best friend.

Kim had her 14th birthday party at Neverland Ranch as the family was friendly with him.

Family friend: Kim Kardashian had her 14th birthday party at Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch

Kris carries on singing in a variety of settings including the kitchen and in a bubble bath, sipping champagne.

'Everybody's very happy 'cause the sun is shining all the time. Looks like another fun-filled day! I love my friends,' she finishes.

Groups of friends, O.J Simpson, a man who appears to be her hairstylist, sales people at her favourite boutiques and Robert Kardashian are also shown singing in reply: 'She loves you!' to the camera.

As the credits role she lists herself as Kristen Kardashian and Kourtney, Kimberly and Khloe as being responsible for the lyrics.

Singing in the bathtub: One of the many locations featured in Kris Jenner's cheeky video

All grown up: The video features a photo of Kourtney, Kim and Khloe from 1985

Posted on her daughter Kim Kardashian's website, Kim said of the video: ' For my mom’s 30th birthday she decided to record a funny song called I Love My Friends, which she dedicated to all of her best friends. She showed this video at her big 30th birthday party!

She and my dad made the video and got a bunch of family and friends to participate!

Everyone from my grandparents their best friends at the time–like OJ and Nicole–even we are in it at the end and even the people who worked at her favorite restaurants and stores my mom and her friends would shop at!

Everyone chimes in to say “She loves you!”

I love this video and think it is so clever and so cute! I hope you guys enjoy it!'



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