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What will her parents say? Lady Gaga heads home for Christmas in a risque plunging dress

By Amelia Proud

Forgotten your bra? Lady Gaga departs from Tokyo Narita International Airport flashing a rather generous dose of flesh

It's the time of year when even the most avowed exhibitionist must reach for the Christmas jumper lest they offend the relatives around the dinner table on the most sacred family day of the year.

This is not the case, of course, for Lady Gaga, who jetted out of Narita in Japan today to head home to New York for the big day.

So far, so conventional, as was her black and white outfit (which will also be handy if I Know Him So Well from Andrew Lloyd Webber's Chess crops up during the family karaoke).

But the 25-year-old ensured that the sight of her was as arresting as always with the plunging neckline on the monochrome number.

It actually plunges right to the singer's navel to expose a just about decent amount of cleavage.

And we can only hope she wasn't required to remove her belt during the security screening.

Of course, the pop superstar - real name Stefani Germanotta - will change into something, perhaps more sober, for the big day.

The black and the white of it: Lady Gaga jetted out of Narita, Japan today to spend Christmas at home in New York

It would please her father, at least, as according to her sister Natali, 19 , he still despairs of his little girls going out in skimpy attire.

She told Teen Vogue: 'Whenever I wear something crazy and my dad gives me a hard time, I say, ‘Well, at least I’m not walking out on the street with red pasties,’ and he’ll be like, ‘Good point.’

Yesterday Gaga was spotted in the Matsuzakaya department store, in the district of Ginza, shopping at Louis Vuitton, wearing dangerous looking claw gloves.

Flying home for Christmas: But that's as conventional as Gaga gets

She later ate at the Shabu Shabu restaurant in the nightclub district of Roppongi.

The Edge of Glory singer was mobbed by excited fans who'd caught wind that she was at a local restaurant.

But she was happy to sign autographs before she was quickly ushered by three burly bodyguards into a waiting limo.

Earlier, Gaga was seen wearing a dangerous all-black outfit which looked like it could take someone's eye out.

Look straight ahead: A security guard tries to avert his eyes from Gaga cleavage



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