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What will Selena say? Pop prince Justin Bieber caught eyeing up cheerleaders at Toronto Raptors game

By Mike Larkin

Favourite Girl: Justin Bieber seemed very excited to be watching this cheerleader's performance at tonight's Toronto Raptors game in Canada

He is used to getting stared at by by teenage fans who fantasise about being his girlfriend.

But Justin Bieber looked like he was doing a little fantasising of his own when he was caught staring at a pretty young cheerleader at a basketball match.

The 17-year-old star certainly seemed to be enjoying the routine as he got ready to cheer on the Toronto Raptors at the Air Canada Centre.

Can't take his eyes off: The teenager was clearly enamored by the troupes dance routines

The performance appeared to cheer up the Canadian pop sensation, who had rushed home after his grandparents were involved in a serious car crash yesterday.

Their vehicle flipped into a ditch and was so damaged it had to be written off.

Luckily Diane and Bruce Dale escaped relatively unscathed, with the latter now recovering from broken ribs.

A source close to the family told MailOnline today: His grandparents are OK'.

Happy camper: Justin could not stop smiling after watching the performance while his chum tried to grab a last view

A little hot under the collar? The Baby star tried to cool off a little by lifting his baseball cap from his head

Justin seemed relaxed at tonight's game, no doubt relieved that his beloved elders are in a good shape.

But he may not be smiling when his glamorous girlfriend Selena Gomez finds out he has been giving cheerleaders the eye.

Checking the clock: Justin looked at the timer to see when the cheerleaders would make another exciting appearance

And he had even less reason to be cheerful by the time his team's game against the Indiana Pacers had finished.

After falling behind his ream launched a spirited fightback, but ended up getting edged out by the away side 85-90.

Naughty boy: Justin's antics could land him in hot water with his Wizards of Waverly Place star girlfriend Selena Gomez



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