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Cheeky girl Rachel McAdams bares her saucy side in playful photo shoot for Glamour magazine

By Marissa Charles

Hollywood hunk Ryan Gosling recently said she was one of his two greatest girlfriends of all time and now we can see why.

Rachel McAdams proves she has come a long way from The Notebook, baring her bottom cheek in a sexy photo shoot for US Glamour.

The Canadian actress, who played opposite Ryan in the 2004 film that was set in the 1940s, shows her playful side in the February edition of the magazine.

Playful: Rachel McAdams appears in the February issue of US Glamour

Her hair pulled up in a messy Brigitte Bardot bun, the 33-year-old pouts her way through the photo shoot.

At one point, the actress wears a white turtleneck and white panties, turning seductively to the camera showing part of her bum.

In another shot she poses in a kitchen, sucking on a spaghetti noodle, while wearing nothing but a red and black all-in-one bustier.

Pasta: The actress sucks on a spaghetti noodle while wearing very little

Inside, Rachel - who is dating Welsh actor Michael Sheen whom she met on the set of the film Midnight In Paris - talks openly about dating her co-stars.

Asked if there is something romantic about movie sets she says: 'No. A set may seem like a good place for romance but I don't think it's very conducive; it's too distracting.

'Every relationship I've had with a co-worker has come after the fact, because you wind up actually spending a lot of time with those people promoting their movie.'

Before dating Michael, 41, Rachel dated Ryan, 31, with whom she had a steamy onscreen affair in the romantic classic, The Notebook.

Glamour points out that her ex-boyfriends tend to gush about her.

Popular girl: Rachel says she is 'paying' her ex-boyfriends to say nice things about her

All smiles: Rachel flashes her tummy as she leans against a fireside

To which the actress jokingly says: 'I'm paying them. But, no, that's lovely to hear.'

Rachel is promoting her upcoming film, The Vow, with another Hollywood hunk, Channing Tatum.

In it she plays an amnesiac whose husband tries to woo her back.

Rachel admits that she has onscreen chemistry with her new romantic lead.

She says of 31-year-old Channing: 'I was worried we might not, because we were more like brother and sister, like buds.

'Channing is very outgoing, very kind and a lot of fun to work with.'

Rachel also praises Owen Wilson with whom she has appeared on film twice, in Midnight In Paris and the 2005 comedy Wedding Crashers.

She admits the 42-year-old is her dream costar. Rachel says: 'It's an embarrassment of riches.

'I love Owen in Midnight in Paris.

'He's so endearing and it was a completely different kind of relationship from the one we had in Wedding Crashers.'

The Toronto resident also confesses to having a childhood crush on actor Josh Brolin who starred in the 1985 movie, The Goonies.

Although she is flattered that her ex-boyfriends speak kindly of her she seems surprised that Ryan Gosling has been described by Glamour as being a 'huge feminist icon.'

When told that there are numerous blogs dedicated to the Drive actor, she says: 'Feminist icon? Wow! Is that real?
'Oh my God, that's great.'



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