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'I got changed in front of him and he didn't look': Kim Kardashian strips in closet to 'test' if pal Jonathan Cheban is gay

By Daily Mail Reporter

Striptease: Kim Kardashian gets changed in her closet in front of friend Jonathan Cheban to see if he takes a peek and to assess whether or not he is gay in last night's episode of Kourtney & Kim Take New York

Any red blooded male might struggle to avert their eyes if Kim Kardashian stripped down in front of them.

Which was clearly what the reality star was thinking as she got changed in front of pal Jonathan Cheban - to gauge whether or not he is gay.

The 30-year-old TV star was in the closet, so to speak, of her New York hotel and decided to carry out the 'test' after Kris Humphries gets her thinking about her friend's sexual orientation.

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Eyes averted: Jonathan turns away when she gets changed, but Kim later wonders if he was just being polite as opposed to not finding her attractive

Kris is convinced PR guru Jonathan is homosexual - and tells him as much - but Kim is not so sure, saying they have never talked about his private life before.

The results of her little striptease - which aired last night in an episode of Kourtney & Kim Take New York - are inconclusive, however. Jonathan averts his eyes when she strips to her bra.

But later Kim tells Kris: 'I got changed in front of him to see if he would look but he didn't.'

Hugging it out: The reality star quizzes the PR guru about what he looks for in a partner

Thanks for the compliment: He responds by telling her he is attracted to light skin and a big behind, which Kim takes to mean her

However, she concluded, he could have just been being polite and courteous.

During their closet encounter, Kim quizzes Jonathan about what he looks for in a partner.

He jokes: 'Light skinned, big ass,' to which Kim jokes back: 'What if we are in love with each other.'

Later, in an apparent bid to prove he is straight, Jonathan goes on date with woman.

Dinner date: Kim and Kris join Jonathan at his apartment for dinner

Look who is here: He invites a girl along who he says he is taking out on a date

Kim and Kris meet her at his home before they go out - where Kris again asks Jonathan about his sexual preference.

While Jonathan remained rather elusive about his sexual orientation, he apparently wanted to prove conspiracy theorist Kris wrong, whose suspicions were alerted after accompanying Kim and Jonathan on a trip to a candle shop.

While Kris sat there looking bored, Jonathan appeared to enjoy perusing all the scented products on offer, which Humphries finds odd.

Whatever the case, Jonathan was last week spotted in Miami soaking up the sun with a mystery brunette where they put on an affectionate display.

Nice to meet you: Kim introduces herself to Jonathan's lady friend

Soaking up the sun: Cheban was spotted last week in Miami with a mystery brunette



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