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Her most intricate Halloween outfit yet? Heidi Klum goes all out as she's wheeled in to annual party on an autopsy table

By Sarah Bull

Her most intricate Halloween outfit yet? Heidi Klum went all out for her annual party, and was wheeled in to the TAO nightclub on an autopsy table by two blood-spattered doctors

Her annual Halloween party is undoubtedly the most highly-anticipated of the spooky holiday, with celebrities going all out to try and outdo the host.

But there was no chance of anyone upstaging Heidi Klum at her party last night.

The 38-year-old model was wheeled in to the event on an autopsy table by two blood-spattered doctors.

And when they lifted the sheet, Klum's outfit could be seen in its entirety, with the intricacies of the costume clear to see.

Project Runway host Klum decided to dress up as a dead body for the event, and spent the majority of the day being airbrushed with make-up to ensure her appearance was as realistic as possible.

Talking about the outfit, Klum said: 'It’s kind of like a dead body with the first layer of skin ripped off. It’s basically like me naked.

Leaving nothing to the imagination: Heidi's 'dead body' costume showed the body with the first layer of skin ripped off

Next to nothing: Heidi was actually wearing very little, but said she didn't feel naked because it is so colourful

'All my veins and blood will all be visible… You don’t feel quite naked with it because it is so colourful!'

Klum teamed her extraordinary outfit with a pair of sky-high black heels, and impressively realistic rotten teeth.

The German supermodel had been keeping her fans updated on the progress of her outfit throughout the day, posting pictures of each stage on Twitter.

Preparations: Heidi kept fans updated on the progress of the costume by posting shots of the stages on Twitter

Getting there: Heidi posted a shot which showed the 'road map' of the make-up, before sharing one which showed her having the make-up applied by airbrushing it on

Finishing touches: Heidi completed the astonishingly realistic outfit with a pair of rotten teeth

From having the skull cap applied, to showing the basic 'road map' of the dead body design on her face, to finally showing off the airbrushed make-up before heading to the event, there is no doubt that Klum's outfit is the most intricate and time-consuming of the occasion.

Klum is no stranger to dressing up for Halloween, going bigger and better every year.

However, she has also previously caused controversy with some of her outfits, with her 2008 costume of the Goddess Kali sparking outrage from Hindu leaders who demanded an apology.

Kitty cat: 2007 was the last year that saw Heidi sex up her costume, husband Seal was a Frankenstein character

Controversial: Klum's decision to dress up as Hindu goddess Kali in 2008 wasn't received well by members of the religion

'I loved my costume and I love Halloween,' Klum said at the time.

'I mean that is one of my most favorite times of the year. I've done so many different things. This was probably my tenth time and I've done so many people like Betty Boop and Lady Godiva and it’s always a take on someone. You’re not that person.'

In 2009, Heidi and husband Seal dressed up as birds of a feather, but Klum said the outfits were difficult to cope with.

She said: 'It was bad. My husband was driving and he could hardly see anything... When you have a beak on, you can't talk to anyone, you can't really drink. It's not a good costume!'

Something to crow about: Heidi and Seal were birds of a feather in 2009

Transform her: Last year Heidi and Seal upped the ante by becoming Transformers, complete with hydraulic crane shoes in Heidi's case



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