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Lindsay Lohan shamelessly plugs her dentist after getting her decaying teeth whitened

By Amelia Proud

There's a sliding scale when it comes to Lindsay Lohan's outrageous antics and plugging a service is right at the bottom.

It may be shameless of the 25-year-old sometime actress to be naming and thanking her dentist via social media, in the undoubted hope of a freebie, but she's done much, much worse.

Product placement: Lindsay uploaded this picture to her WhoSay account today, showing off her white teeth

And you can't accuse the young lady of not using a situation to her advantage.

She wrote on her WhoSay account today: 'Thanks Dr Dorfmann for the zoom... My gums are so sore though!'

Zoom is a whitening system, which has obviously transformed Lindsay's gnashers.

There was a furore when she was spotted on the red carpet at the premiere of THQ's Saints Row: The Third on the 12th in LA with horribly stained teeth earlier this month.

But just days later she arrived at the Hollywood Bowl with a pearly white smile, and she seems to be building on that gleam.

Whiter and brighter: Lindsay Lohan arrived at the 10th anniversary of former President Bill Clinton's foundation at the Hollywood Bowl on October 17 showing off nicer teeth

Before and after: The actress appeared to have neglected her teeth when she attended a premiere in LA just days earlier (L) but has had them whitened since(R)

She was spotted attending a concert to celebrate the 10th anniversary of former President Bill Clinton's foundation, and made sure she flashed a smile to waiting photographers.

Obviously the star had neglected her perfect smile and the possible consumption of nicotine, coffee and red wine had take their toll on her teeth.

Perhaps afraid that this would damaging to her future career, Lindsay rectified the situation rather quickly and it seems her pearly whites are back in good form.

And if she can use the publicity surrounding Molar-gate to her advantage, then all the better for her.

As she'll be needing more whitening on this week's evidence.

The Mean Girls star has been toiling at the L.A County Morgue all week, and the work has prompted her to head out for a few cigarette breaks.



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