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Madonna embraces 70s fashion comeback with pair of frayed flares (well, she can remember it from the first time around)

By Georgina Littlejohn

We all know that Madonna is a woman who refuses to look, act or even dress her age.

So it's just as well that she can pull off a look that so many of her younger counterparts have been sporting this year.

The Material Girl was snapped out and about in New York rocking a pair of flared jeans as she ran errands round the city.

On trend: Madonna steps out in New York in flared jeans as she runs errands round the city

It's a trend that has been seen on many young actresses, pop and reality stars this year, with the flare very much a staple in their wardrobe.

And not one to miss out on a fashion trend, Madonna gave them a run for their money in the trouser department as she proved she can look just as good in them.

Of course, she would have remembered them when they were fashionable the first time round as she would have been in her teens in the 1970s.

Reliving her youth: The pop star may have worn flares the first time round as she would have been a teenager in the 70s

Keeping it simple: The fresh-faced star teamed the jeans with a short-sleeved jumper and leather jacket

Madge teamed the denim with a simple black, short-sleeved jumper and leather jacket, which she had slung over her arm.

And not wanting to show her make-up free face, the singer covered up with huge black sunglasses.

It was a different look to the one she sported last week when she went to great lengths to cover up from the cameras.

She was snapped leaving a Kabbalah centre on Yom Kippur with her children but kept herself hidden under a huge blue scarf.

This way Mummy: David Banda leads his scarf-clad mother out of the Kabbalah centre last week



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