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Now Angelina Jolie the U.N. goodwill ambassador jets to Libya

By Amelia Proud

Angelina Jolie can't be accused of taking her position as U.N. goodwill ambassador lightly, especially over the past few days.

The 36-year-old actress presented a humanitarian award in Geneva last week and she and Brad Pitt, 47, have just donated $340,000 to Somalia, but today she ramped activities up a gear and headed to Libya.

The mother-of-six paid a visit to agencies bringing aid to Libyans in Tripoli and Misrata, she said in a statement provided to Reuters.

Raising consciousness: Angelina Jolie waved to the media as she arrives at a hotel during a visit to Misrata

'I have come to Libya for a variety of reasons, to see a country in transition at every level and to witness efforts to fully realize the promise of the Arab Spring,' Jolie said.

'The country faces a host of challenges, including internally displaced people, refugees, rule of law, security, sanitation, education, health and other humanitarian needs. All of these pieces must be delivered and coordinated properly in an environment of reconciliation and justice.'

The two-day trip was Jolie's first to Libya, but she previously visited Libyan refugees in Malta and on the Italian island of Lampedusa in June, and went to Tunisia in April to appeal for international support for people fleeing the revolution there.

Special guest: Jolie met with aid workers when she arrived at the hotel

Meeting people on the ground: Angelina met with local children

Vital assistance: Angelina visited casualties of the current crisis, she's determined to make their plight an international problem

Aid: The actress is devoted to ensuring that medical supplies get to those who need them

Jolie is an ambassador for the United Nations refugee agency UNHCR and is expected to announce an expanded role soon.

On her Libya trip, she met representatives from UNHCR, Medecins Sans Frontieres and local non-governmental organisations delivering assistance to Libyans in Misrata and Tripoli.

'I will be meeting with officials from all sides but above all, listening to the local people in the street. I am here to express solidarity with them.

It is the work of rebuilding and recovery that will determine Libya's future.'

Goodwill: Angelina Jolie presents the Nansen prize to Yemen's Society for Humanitarian Solidarity and its founder, Nasser Salim Ali Al-Hamairy

Hands on mother: Jolie also has her brood to look after, here with Shiloh, Zahara and Vivienne, as Brad Pitt walks ahead with Knox

Angelina Jolie travelled to the Tunisian-Libyan border in April, where she spoke with refugees who had recently fled the fighting in Libya.

The purpose of Jolie’s visit to the embattled region was to highlight the need for greater international support for those affected by the crisis in Libya.

The Jolie-Pitt Foundation, established by Jolie and longtime love Brad Pitt in 2006, covered the costs for a flight of 177 people to return to their countries of origin– and purchased an ambulance to help support Tunisian efforts on the border to assist the injured arriving from Libya.



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