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Rihanna unveils her new stage outfits... and guess what, there's not much of them

Bit of light bondage? Rihanna wears a sexy bondage-style outfit as she performs a S&M routine during her Loud tour in Paris's Palais Omnisports de Paris-Bercy

After being halfway into her Loud world tour, you couldn't blame Rihanna for getting tired of the same routines and outfits.

So as she took to the stage in Paris last night, it looks like she's added a few more costumes to her tour to freshen things up.

And as you would expect from Rihanna, they weren't exactly modest, conservative numbers.

The 23-year-old spiced things up in a leather corset-style leotard and furry pink handcuffs as she writhed on stage in an S&M-style routine with her male dancers.

Tie me up, tie me down: Rihanna is cuffed to a revolving stage as she sings one of her big hits this year S&M

During her set to accompany her January hit S&M, Rihanna takes the song quite literally as she is handcuffed to poles erected on the stage at the Palais Omnisports de Paris-Bercy.

As she sings the suggestive lyrics, she is joined by four male dancers who writhe all over her partially-clothed body.

And in another song, a trouser suit-clad Rihanna romps on top of a female dancer.

Sharing the love: Rihanna cosies up to her male dancers during a particularly risqué section of the performance

Chained up: Rihanna managed to put on an energetic dance sequence, despite being in handcuffs

Her risqué show comes after the star tried to play down her raunchy moves, insisting they weren't that sexual.

She told Esquire magazine: 'At the end of a concert, I don't feel like I've been this sexy thing. Really, I don't even think about it.

'Unless it's a song that really calls for it, like Skin or S&M, or when I cover Darling Nikki. There's a section that's called Sex in the show, which is the obvious section for sexuality.

Moves like... Jacko? Rihanna follows in the footsteps of the late Michael Jackson by grabbing her crotch on stage

'Like, really? Honestly, even if it comes across sexual - it has to be a part of my subconscious thought. It's never deliberate in the rest of the show. I don't even really... I could see What's My Name? - the dancing is pretty sexy... Rude Boy.

'But I don't know. I guess people find different things sexy.'

Although Rihanna has a lot of young fans, she insists she never set out to be a role model.

Girl on girl: In another song, Rihanna straddles a female dancer

Lighting things up: After the S&M session, things take a lighter note as she starts having a pillow fight with her dancers

She told Glamour recently: 'You know, like it's a piece of art, with all these toys and textures to play with. See, people ... they want me to be a role model just because of the life I lead. The things I say in my songs, they expect it of me, and [being a role model] became more of my job than I wanted it to be. But no, I just want to make music.'

The Barbadian star kicked off her Loud tour in Baltimore, Maryland in June, and is set to complete the 99-gig route in London in December.

She's already performed three gigs at London's O2 Arena, but it proved so popular, she added a further seven dates.

All that glimmers: Another costume change saw the Caribbean star performing in a revealing gold ensemble

Getting tanked: Rihanna sits atop a pink tank top as she sings her song Hard during a military-themed set

Meanwhile, the singer has reached a settlement with photographer David LaChapelle after he claimed she copied some of his photographs in her S&M video.

After he filed a lawsuit against Rihanna and her record label in January, seeking $1million, a New York court ruled in favour of LaChapelle.

His publicist said in a statement: 'David is happy with the settlement.'

High energy: Rihanna is half-way through her 99-date world tour

Going Grecian: At one point, the singer changed into a flowing yellow number and thigh-high boots

Floaty: Rihanna shows off her curvy figure as a wind machine blows her billowing dress



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