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I love you! Paris Jackson signs a heart to Chris Brown as she goes crazy in her front row seat at his Los Angeles concert

By Georgina Littlejohn

I love you! Paris Jackson holds her hands up in a heart sign towards singer Chris Brown at his Los Angeles concert last night

It was feared that a live video link performance by Chris Brown at Michael Jackson's tribute concert would put a 'negative slant' on the day.

But at least one member of the Jackson family is a fan of his and she showed her love for the R&B star at his concert last night.

Paris Jackson, the daughter of the late superstar, was snapped in the front row of his Los Angeles concert yesterday, screaming his name and singing and dancing along to his set.

And at one point, she threw her arms in the air and made a heart shape with her hands as she directed her love towards the singer.

She screamed and sang along to Brown's songs as he gyrated and strutted his stuff on the stage right in front of her, and much to her delight.

Wearing a blue baseball cap with an Egyptian pharaoh print on the front, the smile never left Paris's face as she soaked up the atmosphere of the concert.

Adoration: Paris and her friend clung on to each other as they screamed at their idol

All aglow: Paris stands and screams as she and her friends are illuminated by a green light from the stage

And she took to her Twitter page to share her delight at being in the audience, firstly Tweeting Brown to say: 'AMAZING Show Tonight!! You Were Outstanding!!'

She then added: 'Blew my MIND!!!! i was in the front & it was just like, mind-blowing!!! hahaha!

'Amazing, mindblowing, outstanding, crazy, like… indescribable lol.'

Serious to silly: Paris gazes up at the stage, captivated by Brown but then larks about as she snaps herself pulling a face on her camera phone

Paris, 13, was joined by some friends at the gig at the Staples Center in the city - the same venue where her father's memorial service and concert took place a few weeks after he died.

Brown, 22, was forced to bow out of plans to take part in the event following his highly-publicised bust-up with ex-girlfriend Rihanna.

The incident with Rihanna also meant he was also unable to be part of the line-up of artists performing at a Michael Jackson memorial concert at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff earlier this month.

Hello, Los Angeles! Chris Brown performs some dance moves for the sold-out audience at the Staples Center

He was sentenced to five years' probation after assaulting his then-girlfriend resulting in him being barred from entering the UK as a result of his criminal conviction.

A suggestion was reportedly made at the time that he could perform via video link, but the idea was alleged to have been vetoed by organisers because they feared it might put a 'negative slant' on the day.

A source told the Daily Mirror: 'The family wants to make sure the show is a fitting tribute to Michael.'

Jumping for joy: Brown leaps in the air off the stage as part of the performance



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