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Unemployed Spencer Pratt heads to university after being shunned by Hollywood (and Heidi Montag tags along too)

By Jade Watkins

A new reality: Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt were spotted at the University Of Southern California today, where he is said to have enrolled in a political science degree

He once starred in the most popular reality show on TV, but Spencer Pratt is getting used to life as a Hollywood outcast.

The 28-year-old, once the confident and conniving villain in the MTV show The Hills', has enrolled in a political science degree after conceding his television career is over.

He was seen roaming the grounds of prestigious college University Of Southern California this week.

His wife and former Hills co-star Heidi Montag, who clearly has plenty of time on her hands following her own failed pop and TV projects, tagged along for support.

In their dressed down attire, the pair could have easily passed as any regular college kids.

Make-up free Heidi wore a light blue tank T-shirt, a pair of ripped jeans and some converse shoes for the occasion.

Meanwhile Spencer, who once boasted a $1 million wardrobe, was in a pair of navy cargo pants and a light blue shirt.

He paired the look with a USC baseball cap and attempted to look studious carrying a backpack.

Student: The 28-year-old was seen strolling around the college grounds with his 25-year-old wife Heidi after finishing his classes for the day

Their outing comes as it was reported this week that Spencer has a huge mounting debt and his agents are refusing to get him work.

According to Us Weekly, the villainous reality star owes many of his agents commissions to the tune of 'hundreds of thousands of dollars'.

It was reported that Spencer is so unliked in the showbiz world, that his agents never answer him when he calls.

'They just laugh at him or pick up and hang up,' a source told the magazine.

But Spencer friends have told TMZ that the claims are untrue, the former reality star never had an agent in the first place.

Party time: Earlier this month Speidi were spotted in Las Vegas to celebrate her 25th birthday

According to sources, Spencer only ever hired a lawyer to negotiate his contracts for The Hills.

Heidi on the otherhand does have an agent, who is currently helping the blonde negotiate 'a couple of projects in the works.'.

And it appears that she's going to need it, as the couple are quickly running out of their short-lived fame and have tried anything and everything to hold onto it.

Last month, in an interview with the Daily Beast, they admitted their break-up, divorce petition and eventual reconciliation was all staged in a last-ditch effort to hold on to their fame.

Voluptuous: Heidi Montag looked considerably curvier at her birthday party held at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas

'At that point, we were pulling our last cards,' Spencer told the website. 'We felt the hot-air balloon losing its gas. And at that stage, our income would be selling the photo that would go along with the divorce.

Speidi earned thousands at one point for creating staged photoshoots with paparazzi but as interest in them and their bizarre antics dwindled they began to run out of funds fast.

Heidi estimated she spent $2million on her ill-fated pop career, while her husband has a $1million wardrobe.

Spencer claimed that he once bought an expensive truck that he was filmed driving in one episode of The Hills that he never used again.

Can you hear me: Heidi seems to shout at her husband but he appears oblivious

The couple, who used to dine at the most exclusive Hollywood restaurants and party at the hottest clubs, now spend their days holed up in Santa Barbara watching movies and eating Mexican food.

And Heidi said she regretted her infamous ten procedures in one day plastic surgery saga.

Heidi found fame in 2006 as the sidekick of star Lauren Conrad on the MTV reality series.

Spencer joined the show in season two as Heidi's love interest, driving a wedge between Heidi and Lauren's friendship But by season six the show's ratings had dropped, and Spencer had fallen out of favour with the show's producers.

He was banned after getting into a highly-publicised fight with producer Sara Mast.

In the Daily Beast interview he told his side of the story, describing an incident where he claimed Mast encouraged him to become violent with his sister and co-star Stephanie Pratt, allegedly referencing the infamous Jersey Shore incident in which Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi was punched by a male stranger in a bar.

'That’s when I snapped,' Spencer told The Daily Beast. 'To the point when I said - and this is when the producers got scared of me -

"You want me to punch my sister in the face? Are you trying to get me to kill you?" I didn’t say, "I’m killing you." If I did, MTV would have had me arrested.'

MTV declined to comment on the claims.

Spencer said he tried to encourage his co-stars to copy the Jersey Shore formula and make the show more real.

Antics: Last year Spencer grew an unmanageable beard in a bid to get attention

'I was always, like, "Audrina, you hate Kristin [Cavallari]! You guys were just screaming at each other before the cameras turned on! The second the camera turns on, you guys are hugging and being all civil!

If you guys just were real, we’d have the No. 1 show on TV!"

Pratt said he was cautioned by producers for trying to encourage his castmates to 'be more entertaining,'



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