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'You're not invited to my wedding': Kim in furious bust-up with sister Khloe for bad mouthing Kris Humphries

By Chris Johnson

Coming to blows: Part one of The Kim Kardashian wedding special, which aired on U.S. television last night, culminated in Kim and sister Khloe having a big row after Khloe had bad words to say about Kris Humphries

All the behind-the-scene dramas of Kim Kardashian's hectic wedding preparations aired last night in the first part of a two-night television special.

The E! show culminated in a furious bust-up between Kim and Khloe after the 30-year-old reality star discovers her sister has been bad mouthing her husband-to-be.

Kim storms out of the room following a heated confrontation with Khloe, who calls after her: 'So you don't want me to come to your wedding?' to which Kim replies firmly: 'No I don't.'

Walking out: Kim stormed off and told Khloe she was not invited to the wedding after the heated encounter

There were simmering tensions between Khloe and Kris throughout the two-hour episode, which came to a head when the pair had a disagreement at the engagement party, hosted at Khloe and Lamar's house.

Khloe tells Kris she is questioning his motives for marrying Kim, saying: 'I'm hoping that your intentions are pure,' while suggesting they were getting into things too quickly.

In an aside to the camera earlier, Khloe says: 'I'm worried about Kris Humphries's intentions.

'He sees Kim, who is this beautiful trophy wife, great personality... Kris has nothing to lose if he marries Kim and gets a divorce.'

Not getting along: Kris was fuming after Khloe questioned his intentions in marrying Kim

Don't mess: Khloe gives Kris a stern talking to during the engagement reception which she hosted at her pad

Kris was furious after the encounter, but didn't mention anything about it to Kim until weeks later.

Upon hearing the bombshell, Kim said she was going to confront her sister about what she had said and the on-going tensions between Khloe and her husband-to-be.

Kim lays into Khloe, 27, for suggesting they are getting married too quickly, telling her: 'What would ever make you believe you could say something like that?'

She is doubly furious, saying Khloe has no place to speak, having married her husband Lamar after just a month's courtship.

Khloe responds by saying lots of people have raised the same concerns and that she is merely being honest.

'I'm just doing what everyone is saying behind his back,' Khloe screams, prompting Kim to storm out of the room after saying: 'If all of you are talking s*** behind my back then there's no reason why any of you should come to the wedding.'

Raising a toast: Earlier Kourtney and Khloe had raised a glass to Kim and Kris at the party - but things quickly took a turn for the worse

The happy couple: Kim and Kris stand together as the reality star sister's make the toast

Of course, this row was just the icing on the cake during the episode, which is punctuated by plenty of dramas and disagreements between the Kardashians and Kris.

As the rich family plan the fairytale wedding, strong-minded Humphries quickly learns that his opinions count for nothing and that Kim is the one wearing the trousers.

Kim has an ally in her mother and manager Kris Jenner, with the two constantly siding with each other over Humphries's ideas for the special day.

At one point Kim says: 'The wedding is the bride's day. I definitely want [Kris] to have his say, but not get crazy with it.'

What do you think? Kim takes Kris to the stunning mansion in Montecito, California, where she wants to hold the wedding reception

I do like it: The NBA star was initially cross Kim and her family had planned to use the location without his approval, but when he went to visit he fell in love with the place

As a result, Kris's wish for a casino-themed wedding is quickly ruled out in favour of Kim's choice: 'Black, white and glittery'.

And Kris's idea of one of his dogs carrying the wedding ring down the aisle, led by Kourtney's toddler son Mason, is also flatly denied by Kim's mother Kris.

'You guys should just marry each other,' Kris tells Kim and her mother during one tense encounter.

Kim attempts to remonstrate with him: 'I've been planning this dream wedding since I was 10 years old,' to which Humphries retaliates: 'Yea and you could just fit any guy into it.'

Sprawling grounds: A view of an outdoor section of the beautiful residence

Later Kim - who was married to music producer Damon Thomas for four years before they divorced in 2004 - tries to make amends with Kris.

During a visit to the venue - a stunning mansion in Montecito, California - Kim assures Kris she will rip up the cheque if he doesn't like it.

Kris was angered after the family made plans to use the location behind his back and without his involvement.

But once he visits the mansion, he is won over, telling Kim: 'I'm having flashes of my life with you beginning,' before the pair share a kiss in the sprawling grounds.

Bridezilla: Kim and her family go for a wedding dress fitting

What do you think: The reality star looked stunning as she modelled her outfit

He tells her: 'You guys did this behind my back but it turned out well - I love it here.'

But he adds: 'I just don't want to live life like Scott and Bruce and end up in the passenger seat. That's my biggest fear.'

The episode started with the couple talking about their love for one another.

'From the moment I spotted Kris I realised he was everything I want and more,' Kim said, who became engaged to NBA star Kris in May after just six months of dating.

'I can't wait to have kids and start a family,' she says explaining how she would like to have four - while Kris seems happier with the idea of one.

Joining in the fun: Kourtney's toddler son Mason also had some fun, wrapping himself up some veil material

Tasty: During the episode Kim was seen during the hectic preparations for her big day, here checking out an array of wedding cakes

When Kris arrives at her Calabasas home with his two dogs in tow, Kim notes: 'Kris loves his dogs which makes me thinks he would be really good with kids.'

However, her thoughts about parenthood quickly turn to more immediate matters as she notes: 'But there's dog poop all over the lawn.'

She also complains about getting allergies in the days since the dogs came to the house - and insists they don't sleep in the bed with them.

As the wedding preparations get underway, tensions flare between Kim's husband-to-be and his future sister-in-law Khloe.

After Kris jokingly demands Khloe to bring him out a glass of champagne to the garden at the Jenner's house, the feisty 27-year-old quickly puts him in his place.

Joining the family: Kris and Kim sit together at the Jenner's house - but Kris kept coming to blows with Khloe

Get your own drink: Khloe refuses to get Kris a drink of champagne - but in the end Kourtney pours him one

'What you're going to learn really fast in this family is that the men have no say so whatsoever and that's in your prenup,' she tells him in no uncertain terms.

Later during a chat with sister Kourtney, Khloe relays her concerns about Kris.

'I don't mean to be rude but I just don't know what his intentions are,' Khloe tells Kourtney after complaining how Kris always picks a fight with her.

Later the pair come to blows again after when Kris joins the family round at Khloe and husband Lamar Odom's house.

Kris teases Khloe, asking her if she uses Botox, which riles her. She then asks him whether he has ever had an STD in retaliation.

I need your help: Earlier in the episode Kim enlists the help of her sisters in the frantic preparations

Later Scott Disick, Kourtney's boyfriend, tries to give Kris some words of wisdom about how to tow the line as part of the famous Kardashian family.

His number one piece of advice is to 'keep your mouth shut'.

But stubborn Kris says: 'I can't be a part of this family if I can't be me.'

It comes as some of the male members of the family play a game of golf while joking about how they have been emasculated by the female members of the family, who firmly where the trousers.

I need a facelift: Kim's mother Kris went under the knife in the episode after fretting about how she would look for the big day

Emotional: But the mother and manager broke down in tears shortly before going under, comforted here by daughter Kim

After Kim informs her mother they want to get married in just three months time, the 55-year-old starts stressing about needing to get a facelift done in time for the big event - another storyline of the episode.

During a heated encounter with husband Bruce, Kris exclaims: 'What's bothering me right now is my face... I have jowls.'

She adds: 'I will not quit obsessing about myself,' when Bruce tells her to calm down.

And when he suggests surgery would just add more stress to the wedding planning, she doesn't seem to agree.

The big reveal: A few weeks later Kris reveals her facelift to everyone at a family gathering

You look great, mom: Her girls are impressed with the results

'Actually getting knocked out right now would be a gift from heaven,' she says.

She is joined by Kim, Kourtney, Khloe and Rob on the day of the surgery - but ends up in tears just minutes before going under.

Supportive Kim reassures her everything is going to be fine, but the other family member seem more intent on stressing her out by telling her horror stories.

The episode also sees Rob Kardashian battling with binge eating and admitting he needs to loose weight.

Fat attack: Rob reveals he is concerned about his weight, having ballooned to 200lbs, but just can't keep his hands off the junk food

He reveals he weighs 200lbs - but blames his weight gain on living with Khloe and Lamar, who have lots of junk food in their house.

In an attempt to lead a healthier lifestyle, he briefly moves in with Scott and Kourtney, in the hope his 32-year-old sister's organic approach will rub off on him.

But a few health shots later and the 24-year-old is diving in for more fast food - and is soon back to live with Khloe.

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Yuck: Kim watches on as her husband-to-be clears up some dog mess

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