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Family man Ben Affleck shows off his wild side by proudly displaying his tough guy tattoo...of a dolphin

By Laura Schreffler

A family man with a secret: Ben Affleck looked like the boy next door while taking daughter Violet to lunch yesterday

He looks like just your average family man, but Ben Affleck still hasn't let his youthful side escape.

The 39-year-old actor/producer/director took his girls out for a simple lunch today in Los Angeles and managed to show off some surprising body art.

As he learned over to strap daughters Violet and Seraphina into his car, his shirt rode up to reveal a dolphin tattoo on his right hip.

Who knew: While bending over in his car his ink was displayed

He revealed a secret that very few know about: his tattooed attempt at at bad boy past.

The actor has body art in the form of a dolphin just below his right hip, perilously close to his botom.

He allegedly opted for the dolphin to cover up an ex-high school girlfriend's name.

The Hollywood actor has also been sporting Justin Bieber's former bowl cut recently, though the 'do is allegedly for his role in the upcoming 70s-era film, Argos.

Perhaps his excitement at nearly having a son has also helped to make him look younger and more boyish.

He was very much an adult today though as she took his heavily pregnant wife, Jennifer Garner out for a light lunch.

Ben looked classic and attractive in a pea green sweater and dark trousers, while wife's protruding bump was on proud display.

We Are Family: Ben Affleck carries Seraphina as Jennifer Garner shuts the car door after Violet as they arrive for lunch in LA today

Affleck, who is also 39, must've been sweltering in a grey-green sweater with his hair long and shaggy and a beard covering his face for his role in 70s' set Argo.

But despite the couple's A List status, it was five-year-old Violet and Seraphina, two, who stole the most admiring glances.

It's adorable to see just how clearly the pair are adopting their own style standards.

Violet looked sweet in a yellow striped dress that she'd matched with some canary-coloured beads, and was clinging to a pink metallic hand bag.

Perfect family: Affleck walks Violet while Garner shepherds Seraphina, they are soon to be joined by a son

Little Seraphina coordinated with her mother in a rich navy with indigo undertones, and kept her favourite doll close even when get a lift from Affleck.

He, for his part, looked the doting dad and caring husband as he marshalled the girls carefully to aid his very pregnant wife.

It's clearly a joy for him to spend time with his girls, but understandably, he is looking forward to having another man in the family.

The Pearl Harbour actor is said to be over the moon that his wife is reportedly pregnant with a boy, having a 'little sports buddy' in the family.

Precious cargo: Affleck carried Seraphina in but when they left, she had her hair flowing loose and wasn't letting go of her dolly

A friend said to Life & Style: 'He can't wait to take his son to baseball games and play catch with him.'

Despite expecting her baby early next year, Jennifer has also been busy taking a variety of business meetings.

Next year The Odd Life of Timothy Green is set to be released and Jennifer stars as one half of a couple desperate to have children.

The couple bury a box in their garden and somehow they soon find themselves welcoming a baby boy into their family.

She is also said to be signed up to Back Roads, a film based on the novel by Tawni O’Dell alongside Andrew Garfield.



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