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Young love! Vanessa Hudgens and boyfriend Austin Butler go for a romantic bike ride and pile on the PDA

By Dianne King

Young love: Vanessa Hudgens and boyfriend Austin Butler walked hand in hand on a romantic date in Venice, California yesterday

Vanessa Hudgens is in love and she's not ashamed to show it.

The 22-year-old had a romantic day in Venice with new boyfriend Austin Butler yesterday and the pair could not get enough of each other.

The twosome went for lunch at the 26 Beach Restaurant before hopping on their bikes and riding down the boardwalk by the ocean front.

Enamoured: The twosome looked relaxed and happy on their date and did a bit of shopping after grabbing a bit to eat in the seaside town

Let him breathe: Vanessa couldn't tear herself away from her man even when he was at the ATM machine

Vanessa would not even let Austin go as he stopped at the ATM to get some money out.

She lovingly grabbed him around the waist and kissed his back and he reciprocated by reaching his hand back to wrap around her.

They then went for a leisurely stroll hand in hand and did a bit of shopping before heading home.

The pair have been dating since late summer and were first seen together at the 30th birthday party for her former co-star Ashley Tisdale's sister Jennifer.

Let him breathe: Vanessa couldn't tear herself away from her man even when he was at the ATM machine

Getting closer: The pair have been dating since late summer

Growing up: Vanessa is moving away from her teen star image and is doing grittier roles

They were then pictured smooching at Bob's Big Boy diner in LA later that night.

The former High School Musical star announced on her Facebook page recently that she is going to be sending holiday cards out to her fans and they could receive one by subscribing to her updates.

Vanessa has revealed that she got injured while shooting her upcoming movie Journey 2: They Mysterious Island.

The starlet admitted that she was to blame for the incident and now has a scar to show for it.

'We were shooting a scene down on the beach and there are just lava rocks everywhere,' she explained to

Clumsy: Vanessa revealed recently that she injured herself on the set of her new movie when she fell over walking backwards

'I was walking backwards. Very smart. Before I knew it I was on the floor.

'I got up and brushed it off like nothing happened and then later on someone pointed at my leg and said, 'Is that real blood or fake blood?' Now I have a beautiful scar to show for it. We'll always remember this movie. It'll always be a part of me.'

The actress looked in fine form during her weekend excursion after piling on the pounds for another recent film role.

She put on weight to play character Agnes 'Apple' Bailey - a pregnant runaway in drama, Gimme Shelter.

Vanessa also chopped off her long brown tresses rather than wearing a wig and is now starting to grow her hair out.

The actress says she is happy to get away from her teen role and tackle grittier projects.

When speaking about her character in the film, Vanessa said: 'I'm so excited and proud of the work I've been doing and let me tell you, you all are going to be SHOCKED with how I look in this movie.



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