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Is that a naked woman? Gail Porter covers her arm with some strange tattoo art

By J J Anisiobi

At first glance it looks like some body paint that has been applied for a photo shoot.

But there is nothing fake about Gail Porter's latest tattoos.

The mild mannered TV presenter has unleashed her inner biker chick by getting two new large tattoos.

Interesting choice: Gail shows the full arm with her newest additions

Gail went to a tattoo parlour in the market town of Ossett in north England and sat down in the chair for a lengthy period.

The 40-year-old already had a tattoo of a star and some floral art on her right arm but added to those pieces today.

She had a naked pink haired woman added to her foreman in what is thought to be a representation of herself.

The tattooed lady: A close up of Gail's naked woman and the floral design on her forearm

The cartoon-like woman has tattoos on her own arms and her modesty is covered by flowers and leaves.

The second tattoo she had done is of an eight-ball that sits on her right shoulder.

The pool ball been coloured in with black ink but its significance is unknown.

Rock on: Gail Porter shows off one of her two new tattoos that she got today

Gail posted a picture of the artwork on Twitter and said: 'Getting tattooed by @paultvy in Ossett. Then home with @jonnyd85 to chill out.'

Six months ago Gail was sectioned after suffering a monumental nervous breakdown.

But the former model said last week she is looking forward to the future and already making light of the mental illness that left her locked away in a mental institution for several weeks.

Love hurts: The ink work would have taken a few hours to do

Speaking to the Sunday Mirror about her recent drama, Gail said: 'This has been the worst year I have ever had but if I have learned ­anything it is that you can make light out of any ­situation.

'Obviously being ­sectioned is not the best thing to happen, but a lot of funny things ­happened too.

'I am old and ­knackered, bald and mental... but at least I can laugh about it.'



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