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Where's your bump gone? Viewers do a double-take as Beyoncé performs on Jimmy Fallon show looking not so pregnant

By Kirsty Mccormack

Bump-less: Beyoncé performed on the Late Show With Jimmy Fallon last night but her pregnancy bump was nowhere in sight

If she wanted to fuel more rumours of a fake pregnancy then Beyoncé certainly did so last night.

The singer performed her latest single, Countdown, on the Late Night With Jimmy Fallon but her baby bump was nowhere in sight.

Viewers had to do a double-take as the presenter introduced the singer as she wore a short black dress and certainly didn't look six months pregnant.

But fans can relax as the 30-year-old singer hasn't been living a lie - she just pre-recorded the performance back in the summer.

But what baffled audiences more was the fact that Fallon made out that the U.S. star was actually there in the studio.

As he clutched a copy of the singer's latest album, he looked into the camera and said: 'Tonight she's here to perform the song Countdown from her latest album, Four. Please welcome Beyoncé.'

The audience surrounded him then erupted into cheers and began to applaud someone who wasn't even there.

In the past: The U.S. singer pre-recorded her performance of her new single Countdown back in July but it was only shown last night

The video then cut to a totally different audience - the lucky ones who did actually get to watch the Destiny's Child beauty perform.

It is unknown why Beyoncé chose to pre-record the performance so far in advance - perhaps it was because she didn't want to be on the show this far into her pregnancy.

But it certainly started the rumour mill going again as the public took to Twitter feeling slightly confused and calling it The Case Of The Disappearing Bump.

Rather confusing: Viewers took to their Twitter accounts to discuss the odd performance

Earlier last month, Knowles was forced to deny that she had faked her pregnancy or made her bump look larger than it actually was.

Speculation began after she appeared on an Australian television show and her stomach seemed to fold as she sat down.

Gossip websites suggested she was wearing a prosthetic bump to enhance her mother-to-be look or even insinuating she would fake the whole nine months as a surrogate carried for her.

I am pregnant! A blooming Beyoncé was forced to deny rumours last month that she wasn't really expecting



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