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The fury Factor! Simon Cowell storms off refusing to speak to judges as Drew is eliminated, while Astro bows out of X Factor USA graciously

By Sarah Fitzmaurice

The face of fury: Simon Cowell was angered his act Drew was kicked out of the competition tonight after none of the other judges selected to save her in the sing off

He still has Melanie Amaro and Rachel Crow in the competition so there’s still a good chance that Simon Cowell could win the X Factor USA with one of his acts.

But the music mogul was left furious and refused to speak to the other judges after his act Drew was sent home from the competition.

Drew and Marcus Canty found themselves fighting for the final place in the singing competition, but the 14-year-old failed to impress the other judges and was voted out of the competition along with Astro who had been told his fate earlier in the show.

Drew pleaded with the judges to save her ahead of her save me song and deplored: ‘I’m nervous and I just hope everybody can see me true talent and I hope that shows in my save me song.’

Trying to channel her emotions into her track Listen To Your Heart by Roxette Drew put all her effort into the performance but it was not enough to compete with Marcus’s rendition of Gladys Knight & The Pips' Neither One of Us (Wants to Be the First to Say Goodbye).

Not happy: As Simon learned that Drew would be leaving the competition he was angry and stormed up from his seat on the judging panel, meanwhile Drew broke down in tears

That's not the spirit: As Paula sealed Drew's fate Simon jumped from his seat and stormed off in a fury

Following the songs for survival LA was the first to select the person he wanted to stay and despite saying it was a difficult decision for him he predictably chose Marcus, whom he mentors.

Simon was up next and begged Paula and Nicole to save his act declaring that it was his fault she was in the sing off.

He explained: ‘The reason drew is in this position tonight is my fault I take total responsibility. I genuinely believe you deserve a second chance. I’m begging these two to give her another chance.’

Singing for survival: Drew had gone up against Marcus Canty in the sing off

With Simon choosing Drew to remain in the competition it was down to the girls to seal the fate of the acts.

Nicole explained that the decision was an extremely tough and emotional one for her to make and she told: ‘I know that I’ve been really hard on you the past few weeks but that’s only because you are the best and I believe in you.’

She told Marcus: ‘ When you sing I feel like your heart is on the floor for all to see.’

Saving his own: While LA Reid said he had a tough decision to make he chose to save his own act Marcus and sent Drew home after the sing off

'It's my fault': Simon was up next and chose to save his act Drew but appealed to Paula and Nicole to save her too

Nicole added: ‘I adore and appreciate both of you,’ before making her decision and she said: ‘The act I’m sending home is Drew.’

The decision to send Drew home or to take the competition to deadlock was left in Paula Abdul’s hands, the only judge without any acts left in the running.

She reviewed: ‘I love and respect both of you.’

Nicole added: ¿I adore and appreciate both of you,¿ before making her decision and she said: ¿The act I¿m sending home is Drew'

Delivering the blow: Paula explained that the save me song had to ¿move me¿ and she admitted that Drew had failed to do that before she sent her home

But she explained that the save me song had to ‘move me’ and she admitted that Drew had failed to do that before she sent her home.

As the 14-year-old’s fate was sealed Simon got up out of his chair and stormed off while Drew could be heard sobbing loudly.

She managed to composure herself enough to scream: ‘I want to say thank you to my fans and I’m going to keep going and I’ve a lot to show you guys and it’s a lot more upbeat.’

Warm embrace: As Drew broke down realising her time in the competition was over Marcus gave her a warm hug before Simon joined her on stage

Tears: Through her sobs Drew told fans:'I want to say thank you to my fans and I¿m going to keep going and I¿ve a lot to show you guys and it¿s a lot more upbeat'

Radio silence: As Steve asked Simon if he had anything to say to the judges the music mogul said he had nothing to say

When Steve Jones asked her mentor if he had anything to say he replied: ‘I don’t want to say anything.’

As he comforted a distraught Drew, who was crying loudly into his chest Steve pushed him for a comment.

He replied: ‘I’ll say it backstage’, before adding that he thinks she is a star.

Simon also refused to speak to any of the other judges and looks furious.

Taking it well: Earlier in the show Astro kept his cool when he was told he got the lowest public votes and would be leaving the competition

Quiet whisper: While Astro was told he was out of the competition Simon told him 'You know you've got a career'

Ecstatic: Josh Krajcik was delighted to still be in the competition and picked up his mentor Nicole into the air

As her final moments on the show came to an end Drew blurted out: ‘Jesus loves all of your guys and I didn’t have the chance to say it before but that is why I am in this competition.’

While Drew struggled to contain her composure, earlier in the show Astro bowed out of the competition gracefully.

He was told he had received the lowest votes but didn’t appear disheartened by the news.

Learning he was leaving he was seen clapping and hugging LA Reid.

What a treat: Viewers were gifted with a performance by Tinie Tempah who rapped his Brit winning song Pass Out

Electrifying! The British singer was accompanied on stage by a band and plenty of lights

As he hugged Simon the Syco boss whispered: ‘You know you’ve got a career.’

While Astro had refused to sing a save me song initially a few weeks ago he took his elimination from the competition in much better spirits.

He told viewers: ‘It’s for the better. I will be back. Team Astro.’

He also wished the other contestant the ‘best of luck’ before telling his own fans ‘it aint over’.

Standing ovation: The rapper was treated to a rousing applause from the judges

Still in the running: Melanie Amaro and Rachel Crow were delighted to learn they safe at the start of the show

Who me? Chris Rene also appeared shocked to learn he was straight through to next week

LA Reid gushed: ‘This is the one of the most fascinating guys I have ever met. You are a star it’s that simple.’

Midway through the results show viewers were treated to an electrifying performance by British rapper Tinie Tempah.

He performed his Brit Award winning single Pass Out accompanied by plenty of neon lights and lasers.

Man in the Mirror: The final seven opened the show with a rendition of Michael Jackson's hit song

In keeping with the Michael Jackson tribute theme from Wednesday night all contestants opened the show with a rendition of the King Of Pop's Man In the Mirror.

After the group song Rachel Crow, Melanie Amaro and Chris Rene were told they were safe from elimination.

Josh Krajcik is also safe and he and Marcus Canty are also in the final five and still in the running to bag the $5million recording contract.



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