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Jumping for joy! Nicole Scherzinger leaps into the air with glee as her last remaining contestant stays in the X Factor

By Daily Mail Reporter

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High on life! Nicole Scherzinger leaps onto Josh Krajcik as it's announced that he will remain in X Factor USA

She's a member of the Pussycat Dolls so her dexterity is built-in.

Which is why Nicole Scherzinger's physical prowess is unsurprising, even when she leaps for joy when her last remaining contestant on the X Factor manages to keep his place.

The singer, 33, excitedly jumped on to Josh Krajcik when it was announced that he would be going through to the next round.

Jumping jack flash: The Pussycat Dolls star can't contain her excitement

Josh managed to keep a hold of Nicole and she kicked her legs up in the air unable to contain her joy at the results.

Wearing a pair of thigh-high boots and a sparkling playsuit, Nicole beamed after hearing that Josh would remain in the competition.

Josh and the rest of X Factor's Top 7 paid tribute to Michael Jackson on this week's live show, which saw appearances from the Jackson clan.

That's my boy: Josh performed a rendition of Dirty Diana during the Michael Jackson themed show

The Ohio native performed a guitar-led version of the King Of Pop's Dirty Diana.

LA Reid told him that it was the first time he'd ever really stepped out of his comfort zone, while Paula Abdul described it as a "showstopping performance" and said Josh always raised the bar.

However, Simon Cowell was on hand to deliver his typically cutting criticism.

All together now: The contestants sing another Michael Jackson hit

He said the singer was "over-produced" and "got lost in the choreography", suggesting that the performance had been envisioned by Scherzinger rather than her contestant.

Nicole snapped back: 'Simon, unlike how you mentor some of your contestants, we like to take risks on this show.

'Michael is so inspiring, we feel him in our veins. He is powerful, dangerous and bold and that's what Josh Krajcik did this week and I'm so proud of him.'

Calm down Simon! The X Factor mogul stormed off set when his act Drew was voted off the show

She later added on Twitter: 'Josh rocks I'm so proud of him! He didn't play it safe. He's BAAD! (sic)'

But Cowell showed he can give it out but can't take it when he got up out of his chair and stormed off set when his act Drew was sent packing.

The pair recently revealed that they are open to a collaboration in the future.

During a Q&A session with fans on U-Stream Nicole said: 'Musically that would be really cool in the future to look at [but] let's work at hitting it out of the park every single week and then when we get to that place that will be easy and fun for us to do.

'He obviously is a rock star and I've got a lot of rock in my soul and spirit so that would be an easy collaboration. We could have Slash with us as well!'



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