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Mel Gibson's loses 'half his estimated $850 million' in divorce settlement with ex-wife Robyn Moore

By Leah Simpson

Single and read to mingle: Mel Gibson's divorce has finally been settled as lawyers for him and Robyn Moore came to an agreement in court today

Mel Gibson finalised his legal separation today and is likely to hand half of his estimated $850 million fortune to his ex-wife, according to reports.

Legal representatives for the actor and his estranged wife – who is returning to her maiden name, Robyn Moore, gave a judge their suggested parting payment in a Los Angeles courtroom today.

The Oscar winner owns several properties in the wealthy, seaside enclave of Malibu, outside L.A.

Under California state law Robyn, 51, is entitled to half of his assets as they didn’t sign a prenuptial agreement in 1980 when they wed.

After 26 years of marriage, the couple split five years ago when Gibson was a detained for driving under the influence in Malibu.

He was later shamed throughout the film industry for making anti-semitic remarks.

But the 55-year-old’s wife only filed for divorce, stating ‘irreconcilable differences’ in April 2009 after he had publicly stepped out with a pregnant Oksana Grigorieva, 41.

She's in the money: His ex-wife has gone back to her maiden name and is expected to rake in half his earnings from now on

The pair went on the have a two-year-old daughter, however in 2010 more trouble brewed for the Passion of Christ movie maker when he pleaded no contest to misdemeanor battery following a dispute with Grigorieva.

The star was sentenced to three years' probation and was given a glowing review earlier this month by the same judge who is handling Lindsay Lohan’s case,for attending counselling and doing double the community service required of him.

The recovering alcoholic has been working with Mending Kids International, and he previously said working with the organisation had helped him realise what the important things in life really are.

It's over: The pair married in 1980 but she pushed for a legal separation in 2006

He said: 'It gives you perspective. It's one of my faults, you tend to focus on yourself a lot, which is not always the healthiest thing for your psyche or anything else.

‘If you take a little time out to think about other people, it's good. It's uplifting.’

While he has seven offspring with Moore, he recently settled a custody battle with his former girlfriend, agreeing to pay Oksana $750,000 and share custody of their child.

The Lethal Weapon star’s wild ways over the last few years have landed him in hot water when it comes to his career.

Producers of The Hangover movies pulled out of featuring him in their second movie due to his controversial actions.

Adding to the family: Mel Gibson, who has seven kids, went on to have a two-year-old daughter with his now ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva

Not on top form: Since then he has been shunned by film industry peers for making anti-semitic remarks



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