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What have you done to Christina? Mad Men actress stars in a computer game, but what has happened to those famous Hendrick curves?

By Lucy Buckland

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Spot the difference: Christina Hendricks looks noticeably plainer in Need For Speed: The Run computer game, with her trademark bust covered up

As the sultry secretary in Mad Men, it was Christina Hendricks sexy curves which made her famous.

And the Hollywood starlet definitely knows she has made it after being asked to star her own computer game.

But the results might not be what she had imagined, as unusually she looks plainer immortalised in the world of computer games.

From glamour to gamer: Christina Hendricks is known for her stunning curves and sultry look but in her computer game her look is more conservative

Gone are the sexy curves poured into glamourous sleek gowns, replaced with a masculine leather jacket.

And unlike Lara Croft the 36-year-old's bust has been toned down, which is a first in computer game history.

But Hendricks' fans won't be disappointed as the Emmy award winner's trademark dulcet tones are still present in the Need for Speed: The Run, which is a narrative focused entry in the long-running racing series.

Pure drive: Although her character remains covered up in The Need For Speed Christina Hendricks' sultry voice still whispers into gamers ears during high speed chases

Hendricks plays Sam Harper, who is 'a woman with ambition, street smarts and a penchant for lightning fast cars,' and has given Jack, the story’s protagonist, $250,000 to enter into the race.

'It’s very exciting to be part of Need for Speed The Run,' Hendricks said in the game's official press release. 'I’ve never been a video game character before so this is definitely a first for me.

'It’s been fantastic fun to do something so different and to show a different side of myself as well.'

Curves: Christina Hendricks is famous for pouring her hourglass figure into stunning gowns

The Vampire Diaries star Sean Faris is Jack Rourke, who has a price on his head, and the teenage heartthrob has also been in for the plain treatment in the game.

'I’ve definitely done my share of intense action scenes in movies but it’s totally different and thrilling to actually be a character and driver in Need for Speed The Run,' said Faris.

'I got a kick out of seeing myself in the game, it’s totally me! I’m a huge fan of the Need for Speed series so I jumped at the opportunity to be a part of the game.'

Angelina Jolie played Lara Croft - but the outfits of the virtual original usually leave little to the imagination

When fictional character Lara Croft, played by Angelina Jolie in the later film version of the game, hit the computer screens in 1996 it was her bust which caused the most hype.

But it seems in The Need For Speed it is more about substance than size as gamers predict the signing of the Mad Men star, even covered up, will massively boost sales.



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